Brockley Brewery’s Flood Beer: ‘Deluge’

Image: Deluge beer mat design

A flood beer made with locally foraged green hops

In partnership with Lewisham Underwater, Brockley Brewery is brewing a new green hop beer to celebrate the project and the 54th anniversary of the 1968 Lewisham Floods.

The beer will be produced using locally foraged hops that Lewisham residents have picked and donated to the brewery.

Green Hops

Between July and September hops flower and can be spotted in many parts of London, including all along the rivers of Lewisham. Male and female flowers take different shapes but both are coloured in a yellow-green.

Hops growing alongside the River Ravensbourne

The process

Three large bin bags full of hops were dutifully picked and deposited in a bucket ready for brewing.

They were then added to the brew kettle to prepare them for fermentation. In just over three weeks a delicious green hop beer will be ready to drink.

Here’s a closer look at the process…