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This project is the first version of the Latin American Web-Map that aims to visualize physical special collections -including archives, artworks and other relevant materials- of Latin America in the United Kingdom. Its objective is to become a useful tool for current researches, future students and general audiences concerned with Latin America within the UK. It also has a more analytical aim: contributing to the reflection on the everyday ‘making’ of these collections, their production and the ways in which they are used, therefore, reflecting upon their role in the construction of knowledge about Latin America.

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Street Signs Magazine

The purpose of this edition of Street Signs is to make visible research and debates emerging
Goldsmiths about Latin America. Why Latin America? We think that in a context of global transformations, economic crises and the quests for innovative solutions, Latin America may provide an exceptional space for political, economic and cultural debate which has not always been at the core of academic and political discussions in the UK. The aim is not to give monolithic answers on what this territory is or represents, but rather to open up new forms of thinking, interrogating and analysing such a complex and changing space.
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