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Useful legal guidance for all at Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths started teaching Law in 2019. This means that our library is now stocked with a whole array of resources that could also be of interest to non-law students and staff.

One of those is Practical Law which is a tool that is used by lawyers when drafting legal documents etc. It contains guidance and templates for a whole raft of things that you might find useful for your own interests.

Often we only need legal advice in challenging times, but before you entrust your situation to a lawyer, you might like to read some of the guidance on Practical Law.

For example, there is a large section on Family Law, which includes, amongst other things, guidance on the law of divorce and the law relating to surrogacy and adoption leave. But many other aspects of Family Law are covered too.

In addition there are standard documents, which are guided templates, showing you things like how to write a will.

There is also guidance on things like inheritance tax and on your legal responsibilities after a death of a loved one, and creating lasting powers of attorney.

Law can be quite hard to navigate around, but Practical Law can be a really useful tool to help you navigate these issues. There is even help for the workplace, e.g. guidance on copyright in an education setting and a whole section on employment law.

You can find links to Practical Law and all our other legal databases on the Law subject guide.

Greg Bennett, Subject Librarian for Law

Sustainable Organisation Library

Sustainable Organisation LibraryWe now have access to Greenleaf Publishing’s Sustainable Organisation Library (SOL) via Ingentaconnect. This electronic resource is focused on topics such as sustainability, responsible business and leadership, waste reduction, ethics, corporate governance, development economics and environmental stewardship.

The Sustainable Organisation Library includes a database containing around 10,000 items (book chapters, case studies and research papers). These are drawn from more than 800 book and journal volumes, published by Greenleaf Publishing and a number of partner organizations, including the UN Global Compact, the European Foundation for Management Development, and Oxfam International.

You can access the database by going to the E-Resources A-Z list on the library website, and following the link under ‘S’. Browse the content, or search the database by keyword, author, and/or publication title.

A library catalogue search for ‘Sustainable Organisation Library’ will bring up records for 19 full-text electronic books which are part of the SOL. These include recently published titles on sustainable fashion, anti-corruption, and collective governance.


This week, Goldsmiths is participating in ‘Go Green Week’, a national campaign run by the student organisation, People & Planet. We’ve selected some resources from the Sustainable Organisation Library for each themed day. Follow the links below to obtain access to the full text of these articles.

Meat Free Monday: ‘Vegetarianism and Food Governance: Sustainability and Ecological Justice’ by Heather McLeod-Kilmurray. In: Laura Westra, Klaus Bosselmann and Colin Soskolne (eds.), Globalisation and Ecological Integrity in Science and International Law, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2011, pp. 57-76.

Green IT Tuesday: ‘Environmental Impacts of Telecommunication Services’ by Manfed Zurkirch and Inge Reichart. In: Greener Management International, Number 32, 1 December 2000, pp. 70-88.

Walk-to-Work Wednesday: ‘The Ecocritical Analysis of a Children’s Picture Book: Yütüyen Çinar (The Walking Plane Tree)’ by Ayfer Gürdal Ünal. In: Serpil Oppermann, et. al. (eds), The Future of Ecocriticism: New Horizons, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2011, pp. 202-208.

Tap Water Thursday: ‘Saving Water’ by Jonathan T. Scott. In: The Sustainable Business (2nd Edition): A Practitioner’s Guide to Achieving Long-Term Profitability and Competitiveness, Sheffield : Greenleaf Publishing, 2013, pp. 127-131.

Fair Trade Friday: ‘Fair trade and the coffee crisis in the Nicaraguan Segovias’ by René Mendoza and Johan Bastiaensen. In: Small Enterprise Development, Volume 14, Number 2, 22 June 2003, pp. 36-46.