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Library book returned to Goldsmiths 57 years late

Library staff were surprised to receive a package in the post recently containing a copy of George Herbert’s Poems with old Goldsmiths Library labels. An anonymous note said that the book had been acquired in 2006 and was now being returned to Goldsmiths. According to the date stamp the book was last issued for return on 13th January 1965, which predates the Library catalogue, the Library building and most of the Library staff. When this item was due to be returned Man had not yet reached the Moon, the Beatles were in the charts with I Feel Fine, and Winston Churchill was still alive.
English Subject Librarian Mark Preston has calculated that the fine would have reached £2080 by now, but on this occasion an amnesty for pre-COVID books would apply.
Arrangements will be made to return the book to the shelves. Our thanks go out to the anonymous donor!
P.S. Students are advised that returning your books 57 years late is not recommended, and that cancellation of any fines would be at the discretion of the Librarian in 2079.
Date stamp label from Goldsmiths Library book which was returned 557 years late.

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