Alison Goodwin


Hold Me, Cermics with wool, 14.5cm x 27.0cm x 20.5cm, 2020


Feelings of loss have overshadowed aspects of my personal life which have been amplified by the experience of the pandemic throughout my training. This artwork provides a space to hold an object and think about your own losses, while loss is being held by the box.

Emerging, Ceramics, 9.0cm x 42.0cm x 30.0cm, 2021


This was a spontaneous artwork, emerging from thoughts of survival during the last few months; a fragile raw clay octopus slowly emerging into a final stable piece. The octopus became symbolic of the uncertainties of the year and became a holding place for difficult feelings. Though it contains flaws, it seems to capture something of the fragility of what is conscious and unconscious, seen and unseen. The sculpture has inspired several other ceramic pieces exploring the hidden undersea world.

Belonging, 9x 33 x 22 cm, Ceramics, 2021

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