Angela Bagum

In a World of Words this Speaks For Me, 70cm x 70cm, Mixed media- Acrylic, Oil, Paper and Charcoal, 2021

I have been engaging in Aerial Acrobatics for the last 10 years which supports my emotional well-being, unfortunately in the pandemic, this was not possible. My reason for engaging with aerial is that for me, it’s a mindful movement of expression that requires no words. The mind is in the body. At times I am conscious that sometimes my body is not always able to complete particular manoeuvres because I’m tired and or physiologically not up to it. I do not have mastery over this and instead often reliant on the group – sometimes strangers to spot me. Where we can help one another develop and our vulnerable moments seen. ┬áIt enables us to learn and work together. This is why I continue to engage with this art form, that is essentially play. Learning through play is what we do, even as Adults. We can all play


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  1. I love the emotion & the expression of movement & growth portrayed in this artwork. Its very powerful. Brilliant work!

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