Felicity Truscott

Guardian, Raw Herdwick Fleece, 60cmx60cmx40cm, 2021


Guardian comprises two nestling forms dry felted from raw Herdwick fleece, a breed known as the guardians of the fells. Herdwicks strong female homing instinct is passed down farm to farm through generations of sheep. I work with natural materials using a critical framework of exploration, relationship and transformation echoing psychodynamic processes.

grist to the mill, ink stamp, 20mm, 2021


Grist to the mill is an interactive artwork, where creator and viewer (co-creator) enter a partnership.
The original phrase ‘grist to the mill’ refers to the process in which wheat was ground to flour under a mill stone in the middle ages.
Inspired by the notion of ‘lived experience’ the physical act of leaving a mark, an impression on the body, like a tattoo aims to provoke discussion and curiosity around the meaning of the phrase and our relationship with it in the present day.
If we consider what our own grist is, in terms of our emotional health, then we enter a new discourse of re-utilising all lived experience to our benefit.
Collins English Dictionary writes, ‘grist to one’s mill’ meaning, anything that can be turned to profit or advantage* or that everything is useful.
*Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers


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