Mónica Ballesta

Poesía Visual Portátil. Tras Brossa y Vila-Matas. Rescatando los buenos recuerdos de mis raíces españolas / Portable Visual Poetry. After Brossa & Vila-Matas. Digging deep to recover dear memories of my Spanish heritage.

Instalation, 2021


Throughout this year I have been rediscovering my identity. I have become aware that I was trying to erase who I am because my culture was tinged with painful memories. But I have understood that I can only flourish in the future embracing who I was in the past… and where I come from. Since I migrated to the UK, I have refused to remember, in order to survive the pain and the sorrow of my memories. Only recently I have started to be able to acknowledge and honour the beauty (which also existsexist!) of my cultural patrimony.

In this piece I have recreated a memory of my childhood: We had a copy of a popular book of romantic poetry. My older sister used to read poems to me, until I learned them by heart.

This one talks about dormant creativity, another big topic of this year:

Monica Ballest

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