Rachel Horne


unconcius work, illustration, 2021
keep doing your best, illustration, 420mm x 594mm, 2020


“Unconscious at Work” is a collection of ephemera drawing and video exploring life during the pandemic and my work as an Arts and Well-being Practitioner at St John’s Hospice in South Yorkshire, U.K.

The Day Hospice service closed at the start of the pandemic, whilst staff set up a 15 bed Covid -19 response inpatient unit to support patients who may need end-of-life care.

The artwork features scrubs, by Rachel White, a fashion lecturer at Barnsley College, the were made at the start of the pandemic to support local health workers, who didn’t own the correct PPE.

This is a work-in-progress body of work, exploring an autobiographical response documenting daily life, whilst also an attempting to process the non-verbal experience of being a artists working in palliative care.


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