Thank you to our supporters

We appreciate your contributions very much. It means a huge amount, not only for the material difference that it makes to our students, colleagues and local communities, but also because it shows togetherness and fellowship.

In a year such as 2020, never has this been or felt more important.

In this round-up on your giving we highlight special use of funds made during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic; scholarship funding; support given in the wider community; Forensic Architecture; the CCA and volunteering with a focus on mentoring and work placements.

A thank you message from the Warden of Goldsmiths

Your donation put to work

Our regular donors came to the rescue of students during Covid-19

Your support has touched us in many places. One invaluable example is this: we were able to use the regular donations given by countless generous alumni and friends to create a fund to help students urgently purchase laptops and broadband connections when all our teaching suddenly went online due to the pandemic.

We could never have predicted the need to do this, and certainly hadn’t budgeted for it! And for over 300 students who had no means to stay connected with their tutors, their studies and the College, it is no exaggeration to say that this was an absolute life-line.

Students sit in a socially-distanced lecture theatre

Santander Universities UK

Santander Universities UK – who make numerous grants to Goldsmiths, also gave again during the pandemic earlier in the year both to alleviate student hardship and to support student business start-ups during a summer when the usual employment and funding opportunities were in short supply.

Santander gave us permission to repurpose any of their philanthropic funding for 2019-2020 that we could no longer spend as originally planned, in order to support our students and communities during the Coronavirus pandemic.  As a result, we set up a number of Student Consultancy projects, where current students went to work with local SME’s to support them with their business needs and challenges during the pandemic.

In May, we also received an additional £25,000 from Santander to support students over the summer months, when many students would have normally been working, with grants of between £500 and £2,000 in two key areas; student hardship and student founders in early stage start-ups.

In collaboration with ICCE (Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship) at Goldsmiths, we set up the Santander Universities Covid-19 Enterprise Awards – where students and alumni with an existing business or business model, with a vision to alleviate the impact of Covid-19 on the local community, were eligible to apply. In total, the Awards supported 20 student/alumni entrepreneurs.

Dr Theo Papatheodorou from the Department of Computing stands next to Goldsmiths' 3d printers

The Big Print – supported by alumna Dr Patsy Hickman

Academics at Goldsmiths, University of London are working together with partners from across society to understand and help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and its far-reaching impact on our lives.

“It was an honour to help. And thank you to all my pals who also chipped in.  But it was the young technician in the Computing department who was the genius.”

Dr Patsy Hickman

As part of this wide-spread effort, back in March a team from the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths set up 3D printing production stations in their homes as part of a national campaign to provide health and social care workers with thousands of new face masks.

Dr Theo Papatheodorou from the Department of Computing said that the University’s five 3D printers worked day and night producing stacks of PPE (personal protection equipment) shields, delivered straight to NHS frontline staff, such as those in hospitals, GPs and pharmacies.

How scholarships enrich the student experience

Without philanthropic support higher education remains out of reach for many outstanding candidates. Scholarships are funded by a variety of donors – individuals, Trusts and Foundations and corporate bodies and we thank all of them on behalf of their scholars.

Their generosity makes a huge difference – to the individual students, to Goldsmiths and to the individual departments. With the rise in the cost of higher education, scholarships have never been more important to ensure the College maintains a diverse and highly talented student body.

One such donor is the Fondazione Paolo Bulgari which has donated six scholarships in the Art Department. The first two recipients graduated in July. We are truly grateful to the Fondazione Paolo Bulgari.

Penny Burkett celebrates wearing a graduation gown

Penny Burkett – the Maria Bulgari Scholarship 2017-2020

Penny graduated with a First Class degree in Fine Art and History of Art.

Penny’s tutor says: “Penny flourished in studio and visual cultures during her time on the Fine Art and History of Art programme. She was a pleasure to teach.

She stood out as an exceptionally intelligent and committed independent learner.

For instance, she successfully campaigned to affiliate Nightline for Goldsmiths, was employed as a researcher for Goldsmith’s Anti-Ableism group, created a handbook for disabled students and worked as an accessibility and inclusion officer for Goldsmiths.

Penny was also a vocal and effective student representative, demonstrating a warm and generous spirit to include those on the periphery.

I have no doubt that the Bulgari Scholarship enabled Penny to achieve her potential by improving confidence and removing economic hardship so she could concentrate on her studies and the things that mattered to her.”

“The Bulgari Scholarship has supported me to engage the best version of myself throughout my three years at Goldsmiths”

Penny Burkett

Penny says: “I have so much to thank the Bulgari Foundation for.

I can’t believe that my final year at Goldsmiths University has finished.

I’m over the moon too that I have received a First Class Honours and the Students’ Union award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Community and Welfare. There are no doubts that this has been made possible by the Bulgari Scholarship: It has supported me to engage the best version of myself throughout my three years at Goldsmiths. Without it, I would have had to work several jobs and not had the time or energy to engage with both the curriculum and extracurricular activities that have given back to me tenfold what I have put into them.

I hope the Foundation continues to support students throughout their time at Goldsmiths and I would like to press upon it the immeasurable difference that the Bulgari Scholarships can make.”

How Goldsmiths supports our wider community

As a civic university, Goldsmiths is actively involved with its local community, and contributes to the educational, economic and social development of New Cross and Lewisham.  

Our Widening Participation team has extensive experience and knowledge of the borough and, in particular, the issues facing local young people. Working in partnership with schools, colleges and other organisations, we offer young people opportunities to engage through initiatives like the National Saturday Club, Alchemy and an academic tutoring project with local venture charity, TeamUp. 

Alchemy Project

The Alchemy Project – funded by Deptford Challenge Trust

Alchemy is a professional creative music lab for local young people aged 14-18, who meet every Saturday, collaborating to create original music and develop performance, composition and production skills.

Young people work with professional and student musicians and producers, with additional support from youth work students from the University’s Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies (STaCS) department.

Alchemy is directed by musician and Goldsmiths associate lecturer Mikey Kirkpatrick, and works with external partners the Albany theatre in Deptford, and Addey and Stanhope, Deptford Green and Prendergast Vale schools.

Informed and co-owned by young people, Alchemy is a space for them to learn in a positive and low-stress environment. It is also a place where they can work independently and in collaboration with others, forge positive relationships, and build social skills and self-confidence.

Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, Alchemy have performed live at the Albany, the Lewisham Live Festival, and Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art – and the pandemic will not stop this group of talented young individuals from making music together.

In the 2020/21 academic year, Alchemy will be releasing an ‘Isolation mixtape’ of fragments and complete tracks composed at home to be developed into a mixtape and released across all platforms, as well as two other digital mixtape releases.

They will also be collaborating with local cultural institutions the Horniman Museum, the Migration Museum and Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, responding to exhibitions and working with the collections.

We are so grateful to the Deptford Challenge Trust for the funding to carry this important work which gives local young people a safe space to grow, learn and bond.

You can follow Goldsmiths Alchemy on Instagram.

Programme spotlight

Forensic Architecture

Forensic Architecture, an investigative research agency based in the Visual Cultures department under the direction of Professor Eyal Weizman, made a number of decisive impacts around the world in 2020.

Their series of investigations into violence at the river border between Greece and Turkey cut through the ‘fake news’ to identify the likely killers of two refugees, while also exposing the illegal practice of extra-judicial deportations, or ‘pushbacks’ – raising difficult questions for the EU’s border agencies in European Parliament.

In October, their investigation into an Athens murder (published in 2019) contributed to a landmark ruling against 68 members of the ‘Golden Dawn’ neo-Nazi organisation, including former Greek MPs, in Greece’s longest ever criminal trial.

The Turner Prize-nominated group, which uses innovative techniques of open source research, spatial analysis, and investigative aesthetics to examine cases of human rights violations by states, police forces, and militaries, also published their first major UK-focused investigation this year.

Their investigation into the 2011 killing of Mark Duggan, whose killing by Metropolitan Police officers sparked days of national unrest, was published in June, in the midst of global protests following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The investigation used digital models, biomechanical analysis, and publicly available documents to expose critical inconsistencies in the story of the case, forcing the national police watchdog, the IOPC, to consider re-opening their original investigation after nearly a decade.

Forensic Architecture is primarily funded through successive grants from the European Research Council, Europe’s foremost academic funding body.

Additional general support comes from private funders and grant-making institutions with interests in human rights, arts, technology and journalism, as well as from project commissions and exhibitions of the agency’s works.  

Find more of their work at

Goldsmiths CCA under Covid-19

In response to the temporary closure of the gallery during the Covid-19 lockdown, Goldsmiths CCA launched CCA Streams; a digital programme that allowed for ongoing contact with art and artists, and that could be enjoyed from home. The programme included audio-visual works by previously exhibited artists, friends of the gallery, and artworks with prescient themes.

We were delighted to reopen the doors of the gallery in September 2020 and welcome visitors to three new shows: SOLOS, featuring newly commissioned works by four local artists created during lockdown; Hollis Frampton: Photographs, the first UK retrospective of Hollis Frampton’s work in photography to date; and our latest Episode, Sophie Barber: The Greatest Song A Songbird Ever Sung.

“We celebrated a two-year anniversary not by looking back, but by looking into the future of the CCA.”

Sarah McCrory, Director of Goldsmiths CCA

Sarah McCrory, Director of the CCA says: “The last year, with all of its challenges, has been an incredibly rich and interesting one for the gallery.

“We’ve welcomed artists and audiences of all ages and backgrounds and have celebrated a two-year anniversary not by looking back, but by looking into the future of the CCA.

“We celebrated by thinking about how we can continue to evolve and change, and how we can continue to support artists and their ability to respond to the issues that surround us today. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to date which couldn’t have happened without the support of our generous Patrons.”

To view full details of all the exhibitions, events and related images in the last and forthcoming year’s calendar please visit the gallery’s website:

Spotlight on volunteering

We want to thank the many alumni and organisations who have shared their time, energy and spirit, acting as speakers and mentors and providing work placements.

This huge encouragement and inspiration for students as they find their feet in an uncertain world is exactly what is needed, now more than ever.

Every year, alumni donate their skills, expertise and knowledge to the Goldsmiths community.

Whether they are providing a graduate profile, mentoring, giving keynote talks, answering questions from prospective students, organising events, or participating in panel discussions, we remain grateful for their time and awed by their impact.

To find out about all the ways former students can volunteer their help and how to express interest:

A portrait of Reema Ahmad Choudhury

Why I mentor: Reema Ahmad Choudhury

After meeting with Goldsmiths’ Institute of Management Studies students last year to talk to them about my 16 years in the banking industry, I had the incredible opportunity to mentor two highly ambitious and talented female students. 

Mentoring these women enhanced their understanding of industry, allowing them to further explore the types of jobs and careers they intended to pursue. Their astute natures helped them navigate through each session with ease as they knew exactly what they needed from me.

We evaluated their key skills and strengths, discussing how to use these to their advantage. Both women were also keen to learn how to market themselves. So we spent time working together on everything from punchy CV writing to sophisticated interview techniques.

“The mentorship opportunity that you have created has been great! I am very happy to have been a part of it.

Despite these circumstances (Covid 19), I was still able to schedule a zoom call with my mentor and was able to listen to her advice. I learned a lot about myself through her, she made me feel confident in myself and made me believe more in myself.”

Viktorija Kasetaite (Reema’s Mentee)

However, the honour was all mine.  Having the opportunity to give back to Goldsmiths is an amazing and humbling privilege. Engaging with the next generation of the work force fills me with pride, knowing that I can share with the students my career experiences – good and bad – to maximise their own career opportunities.  

Support is essential for students to get a foot onto the career ladder, especially in the current challenging job market. For me, mentoring has truly been a fulfilling experience and I’m delighted that I was given the opportunity to sign up for it. A worthy initiative indeed!

Work placements during Covid-19 – Malikah Ullah

Malikah Ullah, an undergraduate Psychology student, is currently completing a remote internship with South African non-profit, Ikamva Labantwana.

She was awarded funding from Santander Universities to help cover the costs of her placement. Malikah is blogging about her experience of interning virtually.

“Since June, I have been an intern at South Africa’s Ikamva Labantwana which means ‘our children’s future’ in Xhosa. As a centre for at-risk children, I identify with the beliefs of Ikamva strongly; especially on the importance of education.”

Read her blog:

For part two and three, please visit

Thank you!

On our supporter list we have acknowledged each and every one of our donors and volunteers who gave in the last college financial year (1 August 2019 – 31 July 2020) – please take the time to look at this and know that your collective generosity has made a difference.

On behalf of all students and colleagues at Goldsmiths thank you so much for your ongoing support.


Major benefactors

Santander Universities 
The Lankelly Chase Foundation 
Vital Projects Fund Inc. 


Aziz Foundation 
Baker & McKenzie LLP 
Fondazione Paolo Bulgari 
William Temple Foundation 


Deptford Challenge Trust 
Pearn Kandola 
Peter Roscoe and Geoff Hardy 
The Corinne Burton Memorial Trust 
The Leverhulme Trust 
The London Borough of Lewisham 
University and College Union 
Wellcome Trust 
Legacy Pledgers 
Robin Brodhurst 
Robert Harding 
Anthony Powell 
Barbara Price 
Christine Siddelley 
Ruth Webb 
Sean O’Hara 
Georgina Nunney 
Craig Edwards 
Patricia Hutchinson 
John Hicks 
Carola Scupham 
Beryl Palmer (Deceased) 
and nine anonymous donors.


Donors making a monthly or annual gift 
Dr Aileen Carpenter 
Alan Fox 
Dr Barbara Hull 
Elizabeth Jones 
John Turner 
Len Clark MBE 
Marion Panzetta (Deceased) 
Reverend Monica Thomson 
and two anonymous donors. 
Donors who gave a one-off gift 
Tom Hiscock 
Winifred Blackburn OBE


Donors making a monthly or annual gift 
Alice Richards 
Andrew Scarth 
Angie Evans 
Anna Mason 
Avril Davies 
Carol Appleby 
Carole Myers 
Chris Redman 
Christine Benton 
David Ward 
Derek Duchemin 
Diana Pordham 
Diana Springall 
Dr Graham Eldridge 
Greg Conway 
Gwen Cox 
Helen Theophanous 
Herb Anderson 
Howard Lewis 
Jack Riley 
James Hunt and Jacqui Hunt 
Jan McLaren 
Jennifer Barnett 
Joan Thomas 
John Polley 
Joyce Newton 
Julian Lovell 
Keith Johnson 
Reverend Ken Dunstan and Kath Dunstan 
Ksynia Marko 
Liz Glasser 
Margaret Stone 
Marilyn Taylor 
Mervyn Ainsworth OBE 
Michael Flowers 
Reverend Mike Leader 
Mirjana Zivanovic 
Peter Baseley 
Peter Brown 
Peter Griffiths 
Professor Patrick Easen 
Richard Feakin 
Rosemary Ross 
Ruth Lucas 
Sheila Whitehouse 
Susan Edwards 
Susan Mumby 
Susan Poole 
Yvonne Gibson 
and one anonymous donor.


Althea Efunshile CBE 
Andrew Campling 
Andrew Robinson 
Andrew Taylor 
Angela Chillingworth 
Angela Cutts 
Angela Wolfson 
Arthur Dewer 
Bob Bridges 
Boyd Myers 
Carol Clark 
Carol Crowdy 
Caroline Speller 
Catherine Doherty 
Catherine Mann 
Charles Booth 
Christine Bell 
Christine McInnes 
Clare Almond 
Daniel Cave 
David Brenton 
Helen Price 
Ian Lariviere 
Janet Parsons 
Jeremy Howes 
Jessica Rabin 
Jill Marshall 
John Barr 
John Greig-Midlane 
John Sentance-Davis 
John Whelton 
Julia Whitehead 
Dr June-Alison Sealy 
Lillian Walker 
Mark Mitchell 
Mary Burslem 
Michael Davies 
Nick Halkes 
Nicola Christie 
Paul Martin 
Dr Paul Withers 
Piers Ford 
Professor Helen Thomas 
Roger Montgomery 
Sarah Whiteley 
Sharon Maugham 
Sharon O’Connor 
Simon Hale 
Steve Carrick-Davies and Fiona Carrick-Davies 
Vicky Annand 
Violet Windsor 
and one anonymous donor. 
Donors who gave a one-off gift 
Geoffrey Griffiths 
Vinod Patel and Krishnan Patel


Donors making a monthly or annual gift 
Abhijeet Ahluwalia 
Abigail Cumming 
Abigail Macdougall 
Adam Sumner 
Adebayo Rufai 
Albert Fielder 
Alexander McIntyre 
Alisdair Bevan 
Amy Sackville 
Andrea Gillie 
Andrea Head 
Andrew Birtwistle 
Awurabena Kessie 
Beth Adams 
Bill Irving 
Camille Maalawy 
Carla Diego-Franceskides 
Carmelita Agranoff 
Caroline Bernard-Moxey 
Cath Hutchinson 
Catherine Kontz 
Cecelia Marshall 
Charmaine Brown 
Dr Christopher Roberts 
Claire Norman 
Claire Wardell 
Craig Edwards 
Daniel Roberts 
Daniela Osu 
David Loughlin 
David Neat 
David Pinnington 
Deepa Chudasama 
Derek Hilyer 
Dianne Wilson 
Dorothea Magonet 
Edmund Jackson 
Ella Cox 
Emily Cussins 
Emily Whitebread 
Felix Dragan 
Foysol Miah 
Francesca Thomas 
Dr Gillian Barber 
Godwin Kanton 
Graham Watters 
Hani Baluch 
Heather Davis 
Helen Finch 
Helen Suggitt 
Jacob Macharia 
Jake Phelan 
James Carey 
James Humber 
Janet Brown 
Jennifer Breen 
Jennifer Gordon 
Jess Lammin 
Jo Rooney 
Dr Jonathan Lartice 
Joseph Walsh 
Joy Steadman 
Julia Toppin 
Karen Males 
Kate Welsh 
Katharine Scott 
Katherine Brennan 
Kiershen Mackenzie 
Kishan Mangat 
Kristyan Robinson 
Lewis Davies 
Linda Daley 
Lindsay Lewis 
Lorna Hayes 
Lucy Titheridge 
Mandeep Bajwa 
Mark Chandler 
Mary Mhina 
Maryon Shaddock 
Matthew Reay 
Matthew Wright 
Maureen Prince 
Maya Hughes 
Michael Vogt 
Michael Waddilove 
Michelle Halabi 
Mohammad Ghani 
Monica Lume 
Munazzah Choudhary 
Naomi Soetendorp 
Nikky Aderanti 
Oliver Dutton 
Panos Ghikas 
Dr Pavlos Rossolymos 
Peter Docherty (Deceased) 
Philip Thompson 
Dr Robert Howard 
Roberto Ekholm 
Ruth Pringle 
Sachin Fing 
Sarah Sawyerr 
Sheila Stanley-Owusu 
Shelley Revell 
Sio Chan 
Somaya Khan 
Stephanie Breslin 
Stephanie Pochet 
Stephen Slagter 
Suzanne Miller 
Dr Sylvia Hejda-Forde 
Tamara Joseph 
Tamsin Vine 
Teresa Amprako Appiah 
Thomas Shone 
Tom McLoughlin 
Tom Trevatt 
Virendra Singh 
Will Worsdell 
and seven anonymous donors 
Donors who gave a one-off gift 
Elizabeth Francis 
Jessie Elderton 
Juan Carlos Guerrero Avila 

Friends of Goldsmiths 

Donors making a monthly or annual gift 
Cerys Morgan 
Dr Rupert Evenett 
Jackie Morgan 
Lynn Bowers 
Peter Barker 
Peter Yeh 
and one anonymous donor. 
Donors who gave a one-off gift 
Ben Swift 
Cabinet Magazine 
Chelsea Arts Club Trust 
Dame Carmen Callil 
David Weir 
E Edwards 
E Wang 
Evelyn Mckay 
Fran Fogarty 
Harriet Bridgeman 
Howard Page 
Joan Bakewell 
Margrethe Alexandroni 
Lord and Lady Mark Fitzalan Howard 
Mary Gibson 
Media Trust 
Rhoddy Voremberg 
Roni Tsroya 
Professor Sally Alexander 
Sigi Brenninkmeyer 
Tanya Harrod 
Virginia Constable Maxwell 
Viv Bennett 
and seven anonymous donors.


Donors making a monthly or annual gift 
Adrian Pyke 
Alistair Parkin 
Ambrose Gillham 
Andrew Cuthbert 
Andy Mathieson 
Angela Rodgers 
Ann Spears 
Sir Ashley Meyer 
Beverley Howard 
Carol Barry 
Celia Woollard 
Chris Smyth 
Colin Bland 
Crawford Anderson 
Dave Swarbrick 
Deirdre Milner 
Derek Gooch 
Professor Diane Waller OBE 
Dominic Smyth 
Geoffrey Buck 
Ian Lodge 
Jenny Fletcher 
Jim Barnaville 
John Burden 
Jonathan Brinsmead 
Kathleen Mason 
Keith Edwards 
Keith Sampey 
Leslie Pearcy and Adele Pearcy 
Linda Grace 
Linda Kelly 
Mary Lockett 
Neil Kinnear 
Nick Green 
Nick Woollcombe 
Pete Brennan 
Rob Pratt and Barbara Pratt 
Robert Appleby 
Sian Roffe 
Sue Macartney 
Susan Duncan 
Susan O’Neill and Michael O’Neill 
Valerie Beardsworth 
Valerie Hickox 
Verdi Yahooda 
and four anonymous donors. 
Donors who gave a one-off gift 
Alan Danks 
Reverend Professor Peter Galloway LVO OBE


Donors making a monthly or annual gift 
Adam Vincent 
Alison Richards 
Althea Smith 
Andrea Gold 
Andrea Lord 
Angela Inglese 
Ann Dace 
Ben Terrett 
Bushra Mubashar 
Catherine Gabriel-Lovell 
Ceri Hunter 
Christine Dinnall-Geohagen 
Clare Thomas 
Clovissa Webber 
Conor Doherty 
Edward Heaton 
Emma Whittaker 
Fiona Nicoll 
Giles Fullard 
Heather Bernard 
Dr Heidi Bailey and Matthew Bailey 
Howard Noble 
Imogen Carrington 
Jacob Robson 
Jane Stoner 
Jenny Jenks 
Jessica Orba 
John Brearley 
Dr John Gaffen 
Jostine Loubser 
Justine Stephens 
Kate Flannery Lee 
Kate Hilpern 
Kate Hunter 
Kate Knight 
Kenneth Pearce 
Kirabo Nnanyumba 
Linda Muir 
Lucinda Parr and Patrick Parr 
Manda Helal 
Mark Derkacz 
Marysia Krupska 
Modupe Awolola 
Monica Costoya 
Olivia Vincenti 
Paula Gomez 
Pete Cole 
Peter Leanse 
Philip Clark 
Pippa Phelps 
Rebecca Boyle Suh 
Richard Katona 
Robert Lockwood 
Rosalind Tucker 
Sarah Rogers 
Saskia Huc-Hepher 
Sheila Faucher 
Sian Aspden 
Simon Costar 
Susan Allott 
Timothy Stubbs Hughes 
Tina Pawlik 
Tina Price-Johnson 
Yvette Williams 
and three anonymous donors. 
Donors who gave a one-off gift 
Anneliese Kaptan 
Katherine Semler 
and one anonymous donor


Donors making a monthly or annual gift
Aaron Tyson
Allicia Stephens
Professor Ama Rohatiner
Amy Palmer
Charlotte Downs
Cherelle Allen
David Friedlander
Deborah Godfrey-Jones
Dyne Hudson
Ed Doubleday
Edward McCarthy
Edward Taylor
Gareth Keen
James Ward
Jane Roach
Jeremy Doulton
Jessica Guidobono
Jordan Mallory-Skinner
Joseph Emerick
Juliana Kuperman
Julie Tanner
Kalushka Johansen-Bibby
Karen D’Arcangelo
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Kenneth Read
Laurence Ryan
Lee Jenner
Lesley Millar
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Louise O’Kelly
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Michaella Sandor-Eroglu
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Dr Virginia Crisp
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Zachary Boren
Zahra Syeda
Zulfiqar Ahmed
Donors who gave a one-off gift
Dana Wahab
Dr Patsy Hickman
Yeoul Son

Goldsmiths Staff, past and present

Donors making a monthly or annual gift
Alison Woolley
Angela Elderton
Antoinette Carey
Catriona Forrest
Colin Aggett
Dr Colin Boswell and Sue Boswell
Professor Frank Bond
Gerald Lidstone
Geraldine Murray
Dr Herb Blumberg
Professor Jane Powell and Professor Alan Pickering
Dr Jorella Andrews
Lucy Nagar
Mary Davies
Mary Nixon
Mehrangez Rahman
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Patsy Carter
Dr Robert Colquhoun
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Professor Simon McVeigh
and two anonymous donors.
Donors who gave a one-off gift
Professor Chris Baldick
Dr Geri Popova
Hanna Sahloul
Jessica Sharp
Zoe Wilson Young
and one anonymous donor.

Goldsmiths CCA

Principal Founders

Geoffrey E Clark and Martha Fuller Clark and Than Clark Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
James Lindon
Moya Wright
Sadie Coles HQ
Shane Akeroyd
Svetlana Marich
Sydney Levinson
Than Clark

CCA Patrons

Bernard Simmons (2019-20)
Maureen Paley (2019-20)
David Zwirner (2018-19, 2019-20)
Matthew Slotover OBE and Emily King (2019-20) (Commissioning Circle)
Michael Cioffi and Monteverdi Tuscany (2019-20)

Major Benefactors

Arts Council England
Candida Gertler OBE and Zak Gertler
Fiona Rae RA
Julian Opie
Terra Foundation for American Art
Yinka Shonibare MBE CBE RA
and one anonymous donor


Somesuch Productions
Alice Channer
Angela Bulloch
Anya Gallaccio
Art Fund
Ben Brown Fine Arts
Fiona Banner RA Elect
Gabriel Kuri-Diaz
Gillian Wearing OBE CBE RA
Glenn Brown CBE
Jane Wilson RA Elect
Laure Prouvost
Liam Gillick
Louise Wilson RA Elect
Malevich Ltd
Mark Wallinger
Michael Landy RA
Professor Emeritus Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE RA
Roger Hiorns
Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE
Sir Steve McQueen CBE
The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust
The Coral Samuel Charitable Trust
The Dr Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Charitable Foundation
Wolfson Foundation

Leading Founders

Andrew Hale
Andrew Mickel
Brian Boylan
Christopher Jonas CBE
Christopher Suarez
Dr Rupert Evenett
Galerie Max Hetzler
Hales Gallery
James Grierson
Liam West FRSA
Lisson Gallery
Margaret Howell CBE
Pilar Corrias
Sigrid Kirk
The Heritage of London Trust
The John S Cohen Foundation
The Modern Institute
Thomas Dane Gallery White Cube
and one anonymous donor.

Lead Benefactors

Damien Hirst
Oak Foundation


Alan Danks
Alison and John Witchell
Angela De La Cruz Perez
Artisa Foundation
Beth Adams
Charles Ellis
Danish Arts Foundation
David Nolan Gallery
Dr Patsy Hickman
Garth Greenan Gallery
Greene Naftali Gallery
Hannah Hoffman
Haroon Mirza
Jonathan Brinsmead
Jonathan Patient
Julia Cahill
Kate Knight
Leslie Buchbiner
Sally Fairhurst
Simon Bishop
Sir William Utting CB
Susan Davies
Vanessa Carlos


Advocated for Goldsmiths’ role in the Creative Arts

Adrian Sutton
Bridget Riley CH CBE
Gillian Wearing OBE CBE RA
Jessica Voorsanger
Liam Gillick
Patrick Brill OBE
Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE
Zarina Bhimji

Provided a work placement to a current student or recent graduate

Dean Beswick
Patricio Forrester
Selin Yigitbasi

Mentored a current student or fellow alumnus

Alex Royall
Alexander Pemberton
Andrew Turnball
Aneela Mahmood
Checan Laromani
Christopher Hodder
Curtis Weir
David Duffy
Divya Osbon
Ella Cox
Javed Miah
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Lorrah Achato
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Nayia Yiakoumaki Reema Choudhury
Sam Mukhopadhyay
Sekaylia Gooden
Shahim Miah
Sue Young
Tom McLoughlin
Yvonne Ndege

Served as alumni representatives and regional contacts

David Holloway OBE
Deborah Dignam
Georgia-Elizabeth Coules
Katie Comerford
Kostis Papadimitriou
Leah Podzimek
Lilian Bado
Lucio Casellato
Lucy Choi
Mehmet Kosemen
Paddy Dolan
Richard Harris
Sara El Harrak

Provided a graduate profile

Daniel Heuser Prestes
Dennis Dizon
Emily Mulhall
Fateha Majid
Jarom Tulip
Jasmine Stanford
Kaoru Kuwata
Katarzyna Klijer
Kathia Sya May Yin
Koji Sato
Marton Gaspar
Maximilian Herbert
Michael Kelly
Mohammed Khair
Renan de Souza
Rosanna Ellul
Roxannah Linklater
Scarlett Bayes
Sina Ahadi Pour
Stefanie Lai
Thalis Laspias
Victoria Burgher
Yasuko Adachi
Yoshiyuki Hasegawa

Gave their time to Goldsmiths in multiple ways

Adeline Lin
Alia Pagin
Amy Chrzanowski
Anastasia Faynberg
Andari Anom
Andrea Chavez Perez
Emma Gillespie
Emma Hynes
Guillermo Cardenas
Hannah Neuser
Ikkan Yoshida
Iris Martzoukou
Krit Suttirat
Laura Talbot
Ling-Tzu Liao
Liz Glasser
Mallika Bajaj
Maria Glynou
Nin Djani Atmodipoero
Pallas Wong
Pia Desai Pasricha
Simon Parrish
Steven Mcginnes
Vicky Goltsi
William Primett
Yvette Alcock

Supported Goldsmiths as a speaker

Anjuli Douglas
Bernardine Evaristo MBE
Cally Beaton
Eir Nolsoe
Elly Barnes MBE
Emma Pradella
Joseph Lyness
Kajal Odedra
Kevin Spellman
Megan Morras
Melanie Reeve
Norma Clarke
Phoebe Scott
Rochelle Dancel
Samyukta Mukhopadhyay
Season Butler
Sophie Thompson
Zak Thomas

Organised an Alumni event

Alessandra Marelli
Amit Saxena
Anna Haukeland
Arezo Binai-Faal
Cindy Raigoso Alzate
Cristina Picchi
Damita Pressl
David Plews
Dorothy Lawson
Eleonora Corbanese
Elisa Braun
Ema Nik Thomas
Euiwon Jung
Geoff Blurton
Ingrid Tambunan
Ivo Furman
James Curme
Janet Lui
Jelena Bergmann
Jiaqing Cai
Jun Kim
Kevin Choy
Koichi Kato
Kuang-Yu Chen
Kyuri Kim
Lisa-Marie Boateng
Lok Hang Yue
Lok-Man See
Lucia Davenport
Lucia Tomanova
Lynn Setterington
Maasa Yamanashi
Madelon Schwirtz
Mahima Saxena
Marie-Charlotte Tatepo Ngonde
Mike Hage
Nada Nontapaoraya
Natasha Phillips
Nita Roshita
Nursen Ener Parr
Rae Yun Koo
Ricardo Reyes
Roser Jorba Soler
Saeyong Oh
Shuo Chen
Sophia Au-Yeung
Susan Tebby
Sveva Crisafulli
Tamira Snell
Tina Harris
Tomoko Okuyama
Tsai-Hsuan Wei
Weiyi Liu
Wendy Lau
Yang Zou
Yiru Liu
Youjung Choi
Yume Ichimura

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