Annual Review 2021: Thank you to our supporters

A portrait of the Warden of Goldsmiths, Professor Frances Corner

Thank you for all the support you’ve given to students at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2021

As this new term draws to a close, I would like to highlight some of the wonderful stories that have emerged over the past year.

We are very excited about our new Equity Awards, which are part of Goldsmiths’ response to a most challenging issue which is sadly seen right across UK Higher Education – an Awarding Gap which means students of colour are far less likely to receive a good degree than white students.

We are grateful to our new and existing donors who have kick-started the campaign with their donations and to our Equity Board members for giving their time and support.

Another initiative that many individuals across our community have generously backed is our first Student Support Appeal which raised funds to help students who found themselves in financial hardship as a result of the pandemic.

I would like to thank all of our major donors, especially those who have joined us for the first time, such as Royal China, and those whose ongoing commitment is a source of strength for the College, including Santander Universities UK, Oak Foundation, Lankelly Chase and the Goldsmiths’ Company Charity.

Our partners get behind projects and areas of our endeavour, such as Open Book and Goldsmiths CCA, that exemplify our values of inclusion and engagement, not just with our students and colleagues, but with communities beyond our campus.

I also wanted to highlight the wonderful giving story of the Reverend Professor Peter Galloway LVO OBE, whose annual prize celebrates the hard work and outstanding scholarship of undergraduate historians.

Finally, I want to extend a big thank you to all our volunteers and mentors.

All our donors and volunteers who gave gifts and their time between 1 August 2020 and 31 July 2021 are listed below.

With my best wishes,

Professor Frances Corner OBE

Your donation put to work

Equity Awards

In September 2021, the first cohort of 33 students joined Goldsmiths supported by an Equity Award. Fifteen of these bursaries are funded by Goldsmiths, with a further eighteen made possible thanks to the philanthropic support of donors who have contributed towards our £3 million target.

These Equity Awards are one vital tool amongst a number of interventions at Goldsmiths to address the Awarding Gap – a phenomenon whereby students from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority backgrounds are statistically less likely to receive a good degree (a 2.1 or a 1st) than white students.

As our brochure explains, there are a myriad of reasons that lead to the Awarding Gap. In summary, students of colour face barriers that can undermine their sense of belonging and academic self-confidence – such vital ingredients for success.

Lack of financial means only exacerbates any sense of alienation, as students cannot fully participate in campus life. Many must work long hours in paid employment, and for some the financial worry can overwhelm their studies.

Research shows that, alongside financial support, being part of a supportive network of peers and mentors is also critical to student success.

The Equity Awardees will therefore be part of an enrichment programme that will provide a community for mentorship, in which events related to racial justice and interdisciplinary work can take place. The students will have a significant say in the direction of the programme, and the network is intended as a safe and supportive space for Equity Awardees.

We are working with our Equity Board – alumni and friends of Goldsmiths – to reach our target, which includes a number of endowments to ensure Equity Awards can be offered to students in perpetuity. We thank donors who have supported the campaign, and we invite alumni and friends to get in touch if you are able to help us advance this vital work through your contacts and networks.

Spotlight on regular giving

Peter Galloway with Prizewinners Lester and Noah

We want to say a special thank you to the ongoing commitment of our regular givers, whose monthly donations provide students with grants, bursaries and prizes, that otherwise could not exist.

This year, £45,000 of regular giving donations to Greatest Need and Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes have been transferred to the Equity Awards fund. This will enable Goldsmiths to offer five new Equity Awards to Black, Asian and Minority Ethic students to begin studying at Goldsmiths in September 2022.

In particular, we would like to acknowledge the support of the Reverend Canon Professor Peter Galloway LVO OBE PhD, DLitt, FSA, FRHist, whose regular donations have funded prizes to history students.

Peter was an undergraduate in the Department of History 1973-76, a member of the University of London Council 1999-2008, and a member of the College Council 1992-1999. He has published a series of monographs on the History of the United Kingdom honours system in the last twenty-five years.

“I never thought I would get so much pleasure from giving money away by giving these prizes!”   

Reverend Canon Professor Peter Galloway

For the last 21 years, Peter has been giving prizes to one first and one second year History student who achieve the highest average first-class grades in their respective year. This year they were won by Noah Enahoro (first year) and Lester Langford (second year).

Image: L-R Lester, Peter and Noah 

Alumni and friends supported students in crisis

Promotional image of Royal China restaurant

In December 2020, Goldsmiths launched its first Student Support Appeal. There was an incredible response with over 200 alumni, staff and friends donating more than £26,000 to support students in crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic. This included a donation of £12,571 from Cantonese restaurant group, Royal China, which came from proceeds raised from selling more than 1,000 Year of the Ox food boxes during Lunar New Year.

After receiving an email from Goldsmiths about the Student Support Appeal, Goldsmiths alumna, Ms Lin Zhang suggested the idea of fundraising for this cause to Ms Yick Kwan Yeung-Lam, Chief Executive of Royal China.

“We want to donate to Goldsmiths students because we believe in the value of arts and humanities subjects. We are also very keen to support students who have lost job opportunities because of Covid-19, especially students from ethnic minorities.”

Ms Yick Kwan Yeung-Lam

A total of £74,000 from regular giving donations, together with donations to the Student Support Appeal from alumni, staff and friends, was used by Goldsmiths to set up the time-limited Alumni and Friends Covid-19 Hardship Fund in March 2021. Students received urgently needed financial support to help with housing costs to prevent homelessness, groceries, utility bills, broadband costs, or buying a laptop to be able to study at home. Hardship Fund grants were awarded to 94 students with an average grant of £765.

“The fund really helped me get into a secure place financially and relieved some stress from my shoulders. Given my circumstances, I was willing to drop out of uni because financially it was becoming a burden and my concentration for my studies was dwindling. It has been a hard time for students mentally and emotionally, but this fund granted me the ability to pay my rent and some debts I had racked up over the pandemic.”

Student who received a grant from the Alumni and Friends Covid-19 Hardship Fund 

Thank you to all the alumni, staff and friends who made this fund possible.

Image: Royal China Restaurant

Spotlight on Santander Universities UK

Santander Universities UK is a long-standing partner of Goldsmiths. Since 2012, Santander has supported a wide range of opportunities for our students and alumni. These range from the Go Abroad programme – enabling students to study, work or volunteer overseas – to start-up funding and expert advice for student and alumni entrepreneurs.

In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Santander continued to offer vital funds to students, particularly those from under-represented groups in Higher Education.

While the pandemic meant that many programmes could not go ahead as originally planned, Santander and Goldsmiths worked together to develop the Virtual Global Opportunities programme – a pandemic innovation that enabled 29 students to deepen their international understanding from home through virtual language classes, summer schools and internships.

By being online, the programme opened up to a new demographic of students who would not normally be able to participate in international experiences due to family, professional or accessibility restraints.

Goldsmiths is grateful to Santander Universities for their ongoing generosity and commitment to Higher Education.

Mature student Claire shares her experience of studying Spanish through the Virtual Go Abroad Programme:

A portrait of mature student Claire

Studying abroad virtually: Claire’s story

Meeting and getting to know other students from countries all over the world who also share a passion for languages was definitely a highlight for me.

I highly recommend the experience to any student who is thinking about choosing a Virtual Global Opportunity. Learning a new language online, especially as a mature student, was always going to be a challenge! However, what initially appeared to be a disadvantage (i.e. the lack of in-person classes) soon turned out to be an opportunity.

I currently work part-time as well as being a doctoral student so online classes turned out to be a huge time-saving opportunity. I had been interested in learning Spanish for a long time as my PhD research involves fieldwork in Spain. However, learning a language is not cheap and I am very grateful for this opportunity as, without this funding from Santander, it would not have been possible for me to embark on this journey.

Learning Spanish has equipped me with the skills I needed to embark on my fieldwork over the course of the next few months. Furthermore, this experience has provided me with the chance to network with likeminded people from all around the world.

Spotlight on Open Book

The Open Book project has been running at Goldsmiths, University of London since 2004, with the objective of enabling people from a variety of deprived backgrounds to access and succeed in higher education.

At Goldsmiths, Open Book runs a series of drop in and taster classes in subjects including music, creative writing, anthropology and drama that are open to anyone and everyone, to help those who might not feel that formal higher education is ‘for them’. Over 150 students have so far graduated, and many have progressed to higher degrees.

In addition to their work at Goldsmiths with disadvantaged student groups, Open Book also works within prisons to offer accredited, specialised prison education modules in a variety of humanities and social science subjects. The purpose is to engage prisoners in higher level education, to encourage them to expand their horizons and consider the possibility of university study during and after their sentence.

We are incredibly grateful to the donors who have chosen to generously support the work of Open Book over the past year.

“The work of Open Book has been, and continues to be, transformational for many people, institutions and ourselves and we’re excited to continue and strengthen our partnership.”

Lankelly Chase Foundation

“The Goldsmiths’ Company Charity and the Goldsmiths’ 1327 Members’ Fund proudly support the Open Book Programme’s Prisoner Education project, as well as the Engagement Curator at University’s Centre for Contemporary Art. Widening access to the Arts is a strong theme across the Goldsmiths’ Company’s charitable strategies and it is felt that both initiatives will make an excellent contribution towards involving those who historically have the least access to inclusive and innovative educational opportunities.”

The Goldsmiths’ Company Charity and the Goldsmiths’ 1327 Members’ Fund who have supported both Open Book and the Centre for Contemporary Art

Goldsmiths CCA in 2021

We have been delighted to resume our scheduled exhibition programme this year and welcome visitors back to the gallery with exhibitions of artists such as Mohamed Bourouissa, Eugenio Dittborn and Sam Keogh, as well as continuing our Episodes programme with presentations of work by Kobby Adi and Olivia Sterling.

“We are now three years old and are at a really exciting moment in our programming. We’ve established the CCA in the city, and are partnering internationally with museums worldwide whilst also hosting the students and local audiences of Goldsmiths and Lewisham. Our new Residents work includes different artist voices from across the city, and they are starting to feel a sense of ownership of their place in the CCA.”

Sarah McCrory, Director of Goldsmiths CCA

Above all, our exhibition plans for 2022/23 are diverse and exciting, ranging from a group exhibition with 52 artists to a historical show of the work of a seminal Italian postmodern artist/designer. As always, the strength of the CCA comes from our exhibitions and the commitment to supporting the work of artists at all levels.

To view full details of all the exhibitions, events and related images in the last and forthcoming year’s calendar please visit the gallery’s website.

The value of volunteering

Spotlight on Mentoring

Alumni continue to be generous in supporting students with their expertise as part of our growing volunteering programme. Alumni give their time as speakers, advocates and mentors.

Goldsmiths Mentoring Scheme started three years ago with an ambition to match 30 Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students with alumni mentors. Last year, there were 70 mentoring relationships, demonstratingthe popularity of this initiative and an affirmation of the alumni community’s generosity.

Now in its third year the scheme has broadened its remit and aims to deliver 100 mentoring relationships between January and July 2022. If you are interested in taking part next year, sign up to receive an email notification when it’s time to apply.  

Sincere thanks to all our mentors, and everyone who applied for the 2021-22 Goldsmiths Mentoring Scheme.

We asked mentor/mentee duo, Nina and Niamh, about the impact the Scheme had on them:

Nina stands in front of the sea wearing a red rain coat


During my time at Goldsmiths, I suffered from mental illness and I was lucky to receive the support of some wonderful people, experiencing first-hand the impact a positive mentor can have in your life.

Getting to know Niamh was a real pleasure, and it was a great learning experience for me as well. It has made me feel more comfortable about discussing my own disabilities and my recently identified neurodivergence with my students as well.

I was surprised by how much Niamh and I had in common! We seem to think and respond to many situations in a similar way. We share similar values and a passion for inclusivity and diversity in the music industry!

I hope I could bring some clarity to Niamh’s plans for the future, helping her define her goals for the next few years and understanding the general direction she wanted for her career.

A portrait of Niamh, who is smiling wearing a beige jumper


I wanted to apply for the scheme because I was nearing the end of my BMus degree, thinking of the future and how am I going to take this next step in my road to some sort of independence. I also wanted some guidance and to hear how someone else dealt with these changes without stigma or judgement.

I would recommend this scheme to any student with a disability because sometimes your world can feel quite small, but it just takes someone else to illuminate all of the possibilities and opportunities that are out there. Nina and I were discussing different types of jobs in the music industry that I had never heard of, or even considered. Nina and I also did many different types of exercises to see how the music industry works.

It made me excited to finish my BMus and start my MMus course at Goldsmiths! I am now less afraid as to what comes next post-higher education. I think we agreed that performance lecturing and research in a university setting would be a good option for me. Knowing now what I want to do, regarding my education, has given me a focus and a goal to work towards, first finish my MMus, then complete my PhD and then look forward to teaching and helping others achieve their dreams.

Thank you!

On our supporter list we have acknowledged each and every one of our donors and volunteers who gave in the last College financial year (1 August 2020 – 31 July 2021) – please take the time to look at this and know that your collective generosity has made a difference.

On behalf of all students and colleagues at Goldsmiths thank you so much for your ongoing support.


Major benefactors

Lankelly Chase Foundation
Santander Universities
The Goldsmiths’ Company Charity
Vital Projects Fund Inc.


Aziz Foundation
Lisson Gallery
The Portal Trust


Crackit Productions Ltd
Deptford Challenge Trust
Google LLC
Jane Hamlyn CBE
Omnicom Group
Royal China Group
The Corinne Burton Memorial Trust
The Leverhulme Trust
The London Borough of Lewisham
and one anonymous donor


10+ years’ support
Chelsea Arts Club Trust
Mark Derkacz Dotcom Ltd

CM Baker Decorating Ltd
Humanitarian Trust


10+ years
Aileen Carpenter
Alan Fox
Barbara Hull
John Turner
Len Clark MBE
Regular Donors
Elizabeth Jones
Reverend Monica Thomson
and two anonymous donors

Single donors
One anonymous donor


10+ years
Anna Mason
Carole Myers
Chris Redman
Diana Pordham
Herb Anderson
Howard Lewis (deceased)
Jennifer Barnett
Joyce Newton
Mervyn John Ainsworth OBE
Peter Brown
Reverend Ken Dunstan and Kath Dunstan
Richard Feakin
Rosemary Ross
Susan Poole

Regular Donors
Alice Richards
Andrew Scarth
Angie Evans
Avril Davies
Carol Appleby
Christine Benton
David Ward
Diana Springall
Graham Eldridge
Greg Conway
Gwen Cox
Helen Theophanous
Jack Riley
Jan McLaren
Joan Thomas
John Polley
Julian Lovell
Keith Johnson
Ksynia Marko
Liz Glasser
Margaret Stone
Marilyn Taylor
Michael Flowers
Mirjana Zivanovic
Peter Baseley
Peter Griffiths
Professor Patrick Easen
Reverend Mike Leader
Sheila Whitehouse
Susan Edwards
Susan Mumby
Yvonne Gibson
and one anonymous donor

Single donors
Anne Bohbot
Chrystine Henning
David Mason and Valerie Mason
John Hearn
John Lauwerys
Ralph Davies
Rod Lovett and Ann Lovett
Trevor Young
and five anonymous donors


Rob Stringer

10+ years
Althea Efunshile CBE
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Taylor
Angela Cutts
Angela Wolfson
Carol Crowdy
Caroline Speller
Catherine Mann
David Brenton
Jill Marshall
Mark Mitchell
Nicola Christie
Piers Ford
Simon Hale
Vicky Annand

Regular donors
Arthur Dewer
Bob Bridges
Boyd Myers
Carol Clark
Catherine Doherty
Charles Booth
Christine Bell
Christine McInnes
Clare Almond
Helen Price
Ian Lariviere
Jeremy Howes
Jessica Rabin
John Barr
John Greig-Midlane
John Sentance-Davis
John Whelton
June-Alison Sealy
Lillian Walker
Mary Burslem
Nick Halkes
Paul Martin
Paul Withers
Professor Helen Thomas
Sarah Whiteley
Sharon Maugham
Sharon O’Connor
Steve Carrick-Davies and Fiona Carrick-Davies
Violet Windsor
and three anonymous donors

Single donors
Andrew Turnbull
Anthony Edwards
Barbara Rinn-Kupka
Bridget Hunt and Charles Hunt
David Morris
Geoffrey Griffiths
Graeme Wright
Jo Evans
John Evan Smith
Lee Robson
Liz Rolfs
Martin Mills
Stephen Roe
and four anonymous donors


10+ years 
Albert Fielder
Alisdair Bevan
Andrea Gillie
Carla Diego-Franceskides
David Neat
Gillian Barber
Hani Baluch
Heather Davis
Janet Brown
Karen Males
Kate Welsh
Kristyan Robinson
Maureen Prince (deceased)
Michael Waddilove
Nikky Aderanti
Robert Howard
Ruth Pringle
Stephanie Breslin
Sylvia Hejda-Forde
Teresa Amprako Appiah
Tom McLoughlin
Virendra Singh
and one anonymous donor

Regular donors
Abhijeet Ahluwalia
Abigail Macdougall
Adam Sumner
Adebayo Rufai
Amy Sackville
Andrea Head
Andrew Birtwistle
Awurabena Kessie
Beth Adams
Bill Irving
Camille Maalawy
Carmelita Agranoff
Caroline Bernard-Moxey
Cath Hutchinson
Catherine Kontz
Cecelia Marshall
Charmaine Brown
Christopher Roberts
Claire Norman
Claire Wardell
Daniela Osu
David Loughlin
David Pinnington
Derek Hilyer
Dianne Wilson
Dorothea Magonet
Edmund Jackson
Ella Cox
Emily Whitebread
Felix Dragan
Francesca Thomas
Godwin Kanton
Graham Watters
Helen Finch
Jacob Macharia
Jake Phelan
James Humber
Jennifer Gordon
Jess Lammin
Jo Rooney
Jonathan Lartice
Joseph Walsh
Joy Steadman
Katharine Scott
Katherine Brennan
Kishan Mangat
Lewis Davies
Linda Daley
Lindsay Lewis
Mandeep Bajwa
Mark Chandler
Mary Mhina
Maryon Shaddock
Matthew Reay
Matthew Wright
Maya Hughes
Michael Vogt
Michelle Halabi
Mohammad Ghani
Monica Lume
Munazzah Choudhary
Nat Charles and Sarah-Jane Charles
Oliver Dutton
Pavlos Rossolymos
Roberto Ekholm
Sachin Fing
Sarah Sawyerr
Sheila Stanley-Owusu
Shelley Revell
Sio Chan
Somaya Khan
Stephen Slagter
Suzanne Miller
Tamara Joseph
Thomas Shone
Tom Trevatt
Will Worsdell
and four anonymous donors

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Angela Baker
Augusto Rovegno
Ayaka Hickman
Bridget Knapper
David Kolenda-Owens
Elizabeth Francis
Georgia-Elizabeth Coules
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Jenny Kingsley
Juan Carlos Guerrero Avila
Julian Hewett
Kim Morgan
Lesley Hewings
Martha Noah
Mehmet Tezer
Michele Gunn
Monica Todd
Mutsumi Sano
Nicholas Sfakianakis
Odilon Rocha
Patrick Browne
Renata Mikulic-Russo
Renee Teloka
Roger Mundy
Rose Hepworth
Samia Al-Shayban
Shuhei Okada (deceased)
Susan Fearn
Yolanda Álvarez Alonso
and six anonymous donors

Goldsmiths staff, past and present

10+ years
Antoinette Carey
Colin Aggett
Colin Boswell and Sue Boswell
Gerald Lidstone
Jorella Andrews
Mary Nixon
Professor Jane Powell and Professor Alan Pickering
Professor Simon McVeigh
Robert Colquhoun
and one anonymous donor

Regular donors
Alison Woolley
Angela Elderton
Carol Ford
Catriona Forrest
Geraldine Murray
Lucy Nagar
Mehrangez Rahman
Minh Lam
Nirmal Borkhataria
Patsy Carter
Professor Cris Shore
Professor Elisabeth Hill
Professor Frances Corner OBE
Professor Frank Bond
Professor Sarah Kember
Sarah Khan
Sarah Sievers
William Davies
and two anonymous donors

Single donors
Astrid Schmetterling
Caspar Addyman
Diana Lockyer
Hanna Sahloul
Herb Blumberg
Hugh Jones
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Mike Griffiths
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Professor Les Back
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Stella Harvey
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Zoe Wilson Young
and seven anonymous donors

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Anthony Powell
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Robin Brodhurst
Ruth Webb
Sean O’Hara
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Lynn Bowers
Rupert Evenett

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Peter Yeh
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Nicholette Goff
Philip Collard
Professor James Downie
Richard Lane
Ros Davies
Sheena Gilby
Victor Stokes
and five anonymous donors


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Andy Mathieson
Beverley Howard
Colin Bland
Derek Gooch
Geoffrey Buck
Jenny Fletcher
Mary Lockett
Professor Diane Waller OBE
Reverend Professor Peter Galloway LVO OBE
Robert Appleby
Sir Ashley Meyer
Sue Macartney

Regular donors
Adrian Pyke
Alistair Parkin
Ambrose Gillham
Andrew Cuthbert
Angela Rodgers
Ann Spears
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Celia Woollard (deceased)
Chris Smyth
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Professor Anthony Rosie
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Goldsmiths CCA

Major benefactors

Oak Foundation


Arts Council England
Michael Cioffi

CCA patrons

David Zwirner
Sarah Griffin
The Modern Institute


Garcia Family Foundation 
Geoffrey E Clark and Martha Fuller Clark Fund and Than Clark of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation


Fluxus Art Projects
gallerie kamel mennour
Moya Wright
Pilar Corrias
Sydney Levinson
Trampoline Association


Gave their time to Goldsmiths in multiple ways

Dean Beswick
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Patricio Forrester
Selin Yigitbasi

Alumni event organiser

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Nadine Kaadan
Natasha Shehata
Nick Makoha
Prentice Whitlow
Rachel Clancy
Roxannah Linklater
Ruth Wootton
Soheir Abaza
Thomas Carter

Provided a graduate profile

Ian Mitchell
Jason Waite
Jennifer Allen
Leire Vergara Vivanco
Maria Moreira
Michelle Adams
Siobhan Kalli
Sophie Thompson
Thomas McMullan
Tony Mitchell
Zoe Glatt

Mentored a current student

Ali Siddiqui
Andrea Petrucci
Andrew Turnbull
Arwen Kidd
Ashley Evenson
Caro Halford
Checan Laromani
Claude Jousselin
Daniel Scott
Daria Sopelkina
Dianne Wilson
Elham Rizi-Shorvon
Elizabeth Appiah-Kusi
Ellie Gay
Emma Baggott
Evangelos Papadakis
Felipe Duarte Cely
Garvita Kapur
Holly Sullivan
Jack Oakley
Jake Cosgrove
Jamila Al Ibrahim
Javed Miah
Jennifer Cook
Jon Flint
Joseph Walsh
Karen Chan
Katherine Cantwell
Laavanyan Ratnapalan
Lara Callegari
Lena Beardsell
Les Joynes
Letitia Calin
Luke Archer
Mai Noman
Maria Mendes
Mehak Hussain
Mengting Zhuo
Monica Todd
Nayia Yiakoumaki
Nena Kazantzidou
Nigel Smith
Nina Danon
Penelope Koliopoulou
Peyvand Sadeghian
Rachel Ara
Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Greenwald
Richard Harris
Ruth Wye
Sam Potts
Sarah Dick
Sarah Sigal
Saz Nashir
Scarlet Clark
Seonaid MacDonald
Shada Yousef
Stephen Lucas
Summer Kim
Tracy Sutton
Vanessa Haruperi
Victoria Appleby
Vidhi Jhaveri
Zoe Millington
Zuzanna Fiminska

Provided advocacy or governance support

A S Hardy Bin Shafii
Aidan Rowe
Andrew Lison
Cathy Runciman
David Dean
Dawn Rose
Elizabeth Jackson
Graham Peacock
Jason Goldsmith
Junji Hashimoto
Katrin Kalketenidis
Kerry McCall Magan
Louka Goetzke
Mark Tatlow
Mihai Balinisteanu
Niels Hansen
Paddy Dolan
Sam Featherston
Susan Halvey
Tim Moore

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