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Wall of Women

The Wall of Women, a virtual exhibition draws attention to the achievements of women at Goldsmiths and the impact that they have had at Goldsmiths and on the people around them.

Throughout the month of March, to mark International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month staff, students and alumni submitted their nominations. Nomination topics include academic innovation, work towards racial equity and contributions within departments. We hope that the Wall of Women will give an opportunity for reflection to all the inspirational women at Goldsmiths. 

Akilah Moseley

Akilah adeptly leads the Togetherness sessions for students and has been a source of support throughout Covid. She is a talented leader, coach, and passionate advocate.

She is a role model of kindness, compassion, and encouragement for Social work students and staff.

Alice Harvey

Alice passionately champions embedding social justice into information literacy teaching across the college, including the Library’s Resistance Researching workshops to support Liberate our Degree.

Alma Shala

It has been a joy working with Alma and I really value her expert knowledge.

Throughout the successes and the challenges, Alma has always found a way to present a positive outlook and her ability to influence change and seek solutions to challenges has been valued and inspiring. I’m lucky to have Alma as a colleague!

Alma has been involved in setting up various initiatives to help support Teaching and Learning at Goldsmiths such as implementing Teams for Teaching and Managing the O365 Centre of Excellence Teams site as well as managing integrations for various strategic projects.

Andolie Marguerite

Andolie is a key part of the Department, always energetically involved in meetings and discussions. I’ve found Andolie to be supportive of others, a great motivator, and also an honest critic who is not afraid to filter out subpar ideas! I appreciate having a colleague who has a well-developed moral compass and a passion for doing what is right by both their colleagues and students.

Eilidh Macdonald

Eilidh is always thinking about the students and how she can help them in their budding careers. She is passionate about her work, full of great ideas, and organised, and the students are lucky to have her on their side!

Elisabeth Hill
Wardens Office

Elisabeth is what I would describe as an authentic leader. I have worked at Goldsmiths for several years and worked my way up in seniority.

No matter which stage of my career I was at, she always made time to listen and respond to me, making me feel valued and comes across as genuine. She has a heavy and broad workload and yet she manages to stay on top of things and drive initiatives forward – I don’t know where she finds the time!

Elizabeth Evans

Because she has inspired me to follow in her footsteps and be the best academic I can be. As a budding academic myself, Liz has been a source for guidance, expertise, insight, allyship, a sympathetic ear and a steady guiding hand over the last three years. On many occasions, when I am feeling unsure of myself, Liz reminds me that our work in feminist and queer theory is vital, and deeply personal and cathartic to undertake. She reminds me of the human element of academia, to not be bogged down, and to persevere.

Liz has been an indispensable mentor and friend and will be for many years to come.

Alex Dymock

I find her very inspirational.

Lisa Blackman MCCS

Her devotion to issues of equality, ethics and politics in relation to bodies and affect.

Deborah Price

She is a friend to all and an absolute trooper.

Kate Burrell

You get a sense that Kate genuinely cares about the staff that she supports and that she is committed to making Goldsmiths a better place.

Anna Pavlitski Research Services

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Anna for the past year in the Research Office. Not only has she taken up an interim management post, she has gone above and beyond in the role. Approaching it with absolute dedication, taking on extra projects, and putting in extra time… and has still managed to keep a cool head and sense of humour. She has been an incredible support system as we’ve tackled the past year, mostly as a team of two. I’m eternally grateful that after the hard year we have had, I’ve had Anna onside as a colleague, manager and friend. Anna is an invaluable asset to Goldsmiths.

Fyn-Sydney Computing

I have chosen Dr Betty Fyn-Sydney because during my foundation year Dr Betty helped me rise to the level of maths needed to go on with my degree. I am now in my second year and refer to her words of wisdom often. As well as her approach to problems and challenges. I am grateful for her consideration and patience in that foundation year and would like to nominate her for this position. Betty was an inspiration in teaching how to tackle maths and mental blocks. Betty also helped me feel welcome within Goldsmiths as a new student.

Ceiren Bell

I graduated in 2019 with a First in Media & Comms and the impact that Ceiren had on me was immeasurable. 600 characters is no where NEAR enough to explain why Im nominating her, but I can put my hand on my heart and say that I would not have finished my degree to the quality I did without Ceiren. She had a zest for learning like no other and actually helped me more than she probably realised during a really tough time for me personally. I go forward in my life and career and take a little Ceiren spirit every where I go and I feel lucky to have been one of her Integrated students.

Chitra Sundaram TAP

She is a distinguished British Asian Dance practitioner and theorist, who has just been awarded an MBE. Not only is she a brilliant teacher and Practice Researcher but she is an outspoken advocate for growth at Goldsmiths, who has fought for the rights of women  and BAME people in the arts as well as better representation of BAME women in dance and theatre.. Although only an AL, Chitra has made a great contribution to the MA World Theatres and the MA Performance-Making.

Elizabeth Williams Library

Dr Elizabeth Williams has taught me so much as an irresistible advocate of black scholarship and cultural achievement. She has enriched my experience of Goldsmiths in ways I could never have anticipated when I first arrived in 2003 and she continues to excite and inspire with her energetic networking of international black scholarship and personal aspirations for Black British history in 2021. She is always making me look forward.

Althea Greenan

Dr Althea Greenan has been working with the Women’s Art Library (WAL) since before it came to Goldsmiths in 2002. She is a champion of women artists: those represented in the collection and all people who come to the collection. Always making time for artists and researchers, Althea is known as a facilitator of art out of the archive, supporting talented people in their work to queer the archive, celebrate Black excellence or engage with the history and future of women’s art practice. She says she ‘just knows where the stuff is’, but she also shares, connects, encourages, sparks and creates.

Dr Greenan has been a phenomenal leader and curator of the Women’s Art Library, she has mentored many internal and external students, artists, librarians and enabled engagement of the archives and understanding of the material and utilisation to contribute to original knowledge and practice across many disciplines. Her networks stretch far and wide.

Professor Anna Furse
Theatre and Performance

She has world-leading feminist approaches to performance-making involving a focus on the body, and medicine. Since 2003, she has made an impressive contribution to Goldsmiths as a teacher, interdisciplinary researcher, HOD, member of Academic Board and Council. Currently engaged in international scholarship in Moscow and Bogota, her innovative MA in Performance-Making has this year attracted approximately 100 applicants, at least 50% of whom are international. Anna demands consideration as a passionate advocate for women’s rights and the expansion of Goldsmiths as a strategy for economic survival.

Anna Furse is inspiring in all the ways one would wish for in a colleague. Her clarity of vision, her intellect and her commitment to making Goldsmiths a world leading institution is coupled with an unbounded generosity to staff and students alike. She has crafted a unique, longstanding and brilliant MA programme that attracts students from all over the world, mirroring the breadth of her global contribution to the arts and humanities. She is truly an outstanding individual and integral to what makes Goldsmiths such a special institution.

I am nominating Anna Furse because she has dedicated twenty years of her career to her students and colleagues at Goldsmiths. She has created an MA in Performance Making which attracts students from around the world and has produced generations of international artists. Most of all, she has tirelessly dedicated herself to uphold the values of social justice and creative freedom which Goldsmiths holds dear. Rather than commodifying these values, she keeps them close in everything she does, as an individual and as a colleague.

Dr April Grow

April really cares about the students and her colleagues, and has been a rock of support over this past, difficult year, for many of us. I appreciate her participation in conversations and her strong views about what is right and needs to be done to make the school a better place. I also appreciate her creativity and craftiness, and how she has tried to create an atmosphere of inclusivity, sharing and openness in the Department.

April is senior tutor in the Department of Computing. She cares about student wellbeing and academic progress, and facilitates weekly student support meetings where students can meet with the senior tutors in person (currently online) and discuss their concerns. April is passionate about equality and breaking down barriers, and this is also reflected in her research interests. She encourages new audiences (particularly women) to become game-makers and enjoys: ‘tearing down every wall and stereotype between artists, crafters, and gamers so that each community can benefit from the others’

Professor Claudia Bernard
Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies

Since joining Goldsmiths in 1994 Claudia has made a significant contribution to the development of our social work teaching and research. As part of the Black Female Professors Forum, Claudia is working on a new research project exploring the impact of Covid-19 on Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in the UK. Her work will focus on the impact on children and young people and will be used to influence policymakers. This will be critical work in our post-Covid society.

Claudia is simply amazing. She is a renowned researcher and academic, she is trailblazer as a Black Female professor in Social Work. She is also humane and very down to earth, calm and approachable. For me, I will not ever forget the kindness and support Claudia extended to me during the particularly difficult period of the US election (I am originally from the US). Claudia’s humour, good will, and leadership are so very much needed during these challenging times. Thank you!

Dr Deirdre Osborne
English and Creative Writing

In the most tumultuous times, Deirdre is a beacon of hope, compassion, committed to providing us with the best education I’ve ever received. Despite the circumstances she urged in-person sessions, continued to inspire and challenge us. Her passion for racial justice & gender equality is unwavering. The sense of solidarity within our group, the empathy for each other is insurmountable; we have all continuously maintained this love, inspiration, passion; the urge to revolt and support each other-connections all revived by Deirdre. She is a phenomenal woman, I feel so grateful to have met and worked with her

Deirdre is an inspiring woman and teacher. I have learnt more in her class on Black British Literature this year than I have across my entire education.

Eva Saltzman
English and Creative Writing

Eva was the teacher who will always stand out. She was the one who did the most to change the way I felt about writing and, perhaps more importantly, life. I can’t think of another professional teacher who has spent the same kind of unpaid time attending to their students’ extra-curricular needs for community, pastoral care and technical guidance. And, given the number of Goldsmiths alumni I’ve met as a consequence of what Eva does for students outside of the classroom, I have more than a feeling that these thoughts will be shared by great many more.

Before doing my MA in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, I didn’t know if I was good enough to call myself a poet. Eva demythologised for me this Writer’s World with capital Was, and helped me to see that my voice in it was worth hearing. I don’t know how anyone can teach poetry, but I certainly learned it. She was, and still is, honest with me about my work and about poetry at large. She empathised with me sincerely. She took and takes no bullshit, which is a rarer and rarer quality in the world. Most importantly, she encouraged me, and I am a (better) poet in large part because of her.

Faye Yasmin
Student Recruitment

Faye has been a consistent source of help and encouragement. I have had my most fulfilling roles due to her consideration in job postings. It is a pleasure to work with Faye and on behalf of all student ambassadors, this would be a great way to say thank you for all the work she has done in supporting us.

Gill Yamin
Careers and Employability

I have worked closely with Gill a few times now and always admire her dedication to making sure things are worked through methodically and with an end goal in sight. She puts in the same enthusiasm for crafting initial thoughts as she does with following tasks through to the end, and I really value working with her as I know she will be insightful and help drive the project forward. Gill’s commitment to projects alongside her other work whilst also working part-time is impressive and her lovely approachable nature makes her even more of a pleasure to work with!

Gloria Ojosipe

Gloria is the Library’s Administration Coordinator, and so much more besides. She is probably one of the few people in the library who every staff member has had some contact with, be that a campus tour for a new staff member, placing an essential order, or lending a supportive ear in times of need.

Gloria is a well-known and established member of the Goldsmiths community, and a fountain of local knowledge.

She is also a scholar, having gained her MA in Black British Writing at Goldsmiths, and who devotes time to mentoring young people with their studies. A truly kind and inspirational woman.

Golnaz Badkobeh

I get the sense that Golnaz really cares about what she does, about her colleagues, and about the students. She’s no-nonsense and seems tireless in the work she does for the Computing Department and I appreciate how she gets involved in the larger issues and takes on more responsibility for issues that affect everyone.

Golnaz is organising meetings for Athena Swan in our department, she is very passionate and is trying her best. Her dedication to equality is very inspiring.

Helen Cornish

I am nominating Helen because she is an amazing team comrade and survivor, who has inspired generations of foundation year anthropology students to go on to amazing things!

Helen Keogh
Wardens Office

Helen has been a kind and unsung presence across generations of Wardens and has always maintained a courteous, efficient and calm approach in her role. It cannot be easy to be a conduit to so many challenges and demands that running an institution entails and her aplomb is remarkable.

Jacqueline Cheal

Jacqueline, absolutely needs to be on the Wall of Women. I don’t know anybody else that made the student experience a personal endeavour. Every member of staff and every student were held in the same regard.
As a department we are still sad that she retired, but I am certain Jacqueline is enjoying her garden, children and grandchildren.

Jane Desmarais ECW

Jane is an inspiring and reassuring presence in the department: a strong leader, a listening ear, and a friendly face. When I didn’t know anyone, on joining the department several years ago, she took an interest in me and made me feel right at home. She must be one of the busiest people in the department, yet her door is always open.

Jennifer George Computing

I appreciate how Jennifer has become a mainstay of the Department and has shouldered a lot of the administrative responsibility that is the nuts-and-bolts of how things get done in any academic institution. She has a tireless commitment to doing things the right way, and has been both a great listener and a supportive and helpful manager.

Kelly Meng

Kelly is an inspirational teacher and a great colleague. She is passionate about her programme, the MA Luxury Brand Management, and about her students. The MA has gone from strength to strength attracting students from overseas and Kelly makes sure it is a good experience at the application stage and also helping and supporting students through the programme. She ‘goes the extra mile’ time and again for her students and she once described herself as a ‘mother hen’. Having someone really care about your success, particularly when you are studying in another country makes a huge difference.

Jessica Gossling

I have both seen Jessica offer and received such incredible support during my studies. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring.

Kirsty Brimelow QC

The first Chairwoman of the Bar Human Rights Committee and Visiting Professor in Law at Goldsmiths is inspiring us with her dynamic engagement with the issues that matter to us in Law; human rights (in the UK and globally), equality, the rule of law.

Joan Anim-Addo

‘Caribbean Literature? What’s that? Do they write books in the Caribbean?’ Those were the first words you heard from me when I visited your office on that sunny summer’s afternoon in 2004. I went straight to work from school and had never considered studying at University even though I found myself working in one. When I completed the MA in Caribbean Literature and Creole Poetics achieving a distinction you encouraged me to continue with further study. I have now completed my PhD – something I would never have dreamed of doing if it were not for your determination, spirit and drive.

Keisha McLeod STaCS

She is a woman who stands up for what is right, no matter what the cost. She has been through a lot and experienced a lot, but again, she still continues her search for justice for her son and many others in her community who have been affected by knife crime and serious violence. She advocates and supports through being a law ambassador for The Reclaim Project run by Next Steps 4 Communities. She was also recently a part of the UK Parliament International Women’s Day Showcase, as a speaker. If she isn’t an inspiring woman, I don’t know who is!

Inga Tillere

Inga Tillere

Inga has been the glue holding the whole of the computing administration together. She knows all the contacts and resources. She directly supports students through SST and does ALL timetables.

Inga has a remarkable ability to manage the most stressful situations in a calm and measured way. She is brilliant at coming up with solutions to tricky problems, be it completely replanning lecture timetables at the last minute after a college wide mess-up, or finding ways too help students who have fallen through the bureaucratic cracks. She is both practical and kind, and an awesome colleague to have in the department. It is not entirely an overstatement to say that Goldsmiths would fall without her.

Lynn Turner
Visual Cultures

I’ve chosen my nomination for the Wall of Women because Lynn is an incredible teacher. She enables her students to talk with her as if she was a friend. She gives us the opportunity to think about our status of women. She gives us the power to talk about everything we think is relevant and she teaches us not to be afraid.

Natalie Fenton

I have chosen Natalie for her boundless optimism and dedication to protecting Goldsmiths from a knee-jerk and future-less neoliberal restructuring of Goldsmiths. But more than anything, and positively, for her kind care, vision and attention in nurturing a progressive, creative and ethical university. Long may she rock!

Natalie is an inspiration because she is clear-headed, intelligent, resourceful and genuinely caring about those around her. Natalie is exceptional in leadership roles, as a facilitator of communication, as a pragmatic thinker who comes up with feasible solutions, but also as someone with creativity, imagination and a sense of humour. She is also incredibly generous with her time, and supportive of all colleagues. I imagine there isn’t a member of staff in MCCS who isn’t incredibly grateful to Natalie for all the work that she’s done towards making Goldsmiths a more equitable, visionary place.

She lifts up everyone around her.

Natalie is an outstanding Goldsmiths woman. She consistently works to uphold Goldsmiths’ principles, working from an ethical and rational perspective on issues concerning our values, vision, future survival and growth. Her leadership proven, not only as a returning Head of Department and Director of Research but in articulating whole new ways of imagining a different status quo. In this, and in her courage in speaking truth to power, she continues to inspire colleagues from whom she earns huge respect. For all this and more, Natalie is hugely deserving of being on the wall of women.

Natalie is a good fairy of Goldsmiths who has consistently provided inspiration & leadership to our community & to me personally (mainly through our work on REF submissions). Her scholarly brilliance is matched only by her selfless commitment to values which have made Goldsmiths a place where creative, free & democratic thinking & decision making fosters world-leading scholarship, an environment where students prosper -values which we must keep. Natalie’s passion for Goldsmiths goes together with her compassion for others. I can think of no one else more deserving of being on the Wall of Women.

Pamela Karantonis

I have chosen Pamela Karantonis for my wall of women because she is one of the most valuable members of the Theatre and Performance Department. Pamela shows support for all of the students she teaches and her teaching methods have really benefited not only myself but the many students also. Pamela is very kind and shows her support to students with all sorts of given circumstances and ensures that the students she takes under her wing have a solution to everything. The Theatre and Performance department is like the human body, and Pamela is the heart and soul of the department.

Pamela has been vital in recruiting our department’s staff ”from top to bottom” to a critical battle for individual and shared concerns; in doing this with informed positions and empathy; in forcefully pushing the case with SMT alongside other departments; in keeping us updated on endless, complex negotiations; in patiently organising ever so many online sessions to accommodate everyone’s schedules, concerns and questions; in bolstering our morale & engagement; in doing this with a smile in a very difficult environment. Being GUCU rep is more than a role for Pamela: It has been a mission.

Marl’ene Edwin
Centre for Academic Language and Literacies

Marl’ene indefatigably offers expertise, warmth, collegiality and immense problem solving skills to all situations. She inspires students and is a ture pillar of Goldsmiths having worked for the institution for over 30 years. She is an unsung heroine of the institution and should be recognised for how she has improved everything she is involved in.

Kocoa Brown

Kocoa is a wise soul and a magnetic spirit. She is the best at giving fair advice – even if it isn’t always what you wanted to hear – and she always has time for you. Her singing voice and guitar playing is sensational, you can’t help but be drawn into her aura when she plays.

Nassiba Bensefia
Goldsmiths Students’ Union Nursery

Nassiba has been at Goldsmiths for longer than almost anyone, welcoming the smallest members of our community into her Baby Room at the nursery.

Returning to work after maternity leave is not easy. Doing it while living hundreds of miles from family support is even harder. Nassiba, and the other women of Goldsmiths nursery, have held our hands, dried our tears and been the village that many of us needed to raise our children.

I can not overstate the importance of having a woman like Nassiba in your corner; understanding, collaborative and passionately knowledgeable about early education.

Marianne Franklin

Marianne is a wonderful teacher, colleague and activist. I appreciate her warmth and kindness in giving constructive support and feedback. Her writing is incredibly complex, rich and committed to her politics – and this commitment doesn’t just exist on the page she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves.

Marianne’s teaching is never boring – always lively and suffused with her curiosity, interdisciplinarity and sense of fun. Thank you!

Marilyn Clarke

She is insightful and thoughtful and always working to address the issues around racism and inequality. She has made a significant contribution to decolonising and diversifying the Library’s collections and practices as part of the Liberate our Library project and she is widely respected for this work both internally and externally. This work is proving critical in helping to ensure that Goldsmiths students can draw on a diverse range of voices whilst supporting staff too in diversifying their curricula and research.

Michaela Benson

Michaela’s invaluable sociological research has put people (UK citizens living in the EU) at the centre of a process – Brexit – that has systematically ignored them, being injurious to their daily lived experiences in the European countries they are currently residing while alienating them from the country they come from.

Marsha Rosengarten

Marsha has the unique ability to retain integrity and vision in the face of disenchantment: she has shown great leadership in grass roots communities and continues to support the college’s long held investment in creative and critical thinking, ingenuity as well as evidence based research. She is inclusive and insightful and proceeds always with respect.

Marsha is such a rare combination of intellectual generosity, thought provocative, and caring of her community. I always leave conversations with Marsha – whether they are work or life conversations – thinking about things differently. Her leadership, demonstrated for me through her work on the Professors Forum, her collaborative approach to working with colleagues to come up with collaborative and creative solutions to the dire landscape of HEI locally and nationally, the care and concern and the dedication she has shown to Goldsmiths ethics and values (ones I also share), are inspirational.

I have chosen Marsha Rosengarten for the Wall of Women because of her untiring commitment and generosity in supporting students at all levels, and her inspirational role in building and nurturing a thriving community of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers through her directorship of CISP. I also choose Marsha for the energy and passion she has put into facilitating constructive and inclusive conversations about the possible future(s) of Goldsmiths in the context of the Professors’ Forum and beyond. A voice of hope and courage!

Nirmal Puwar Sociology

Nirmal really made her module, Feminist Methods, relatable and interesting and introduced me to research possibilities that I would not have considered. Even when I thought I had nothing to contribute to a topic you helped me to see how to approach it.

Rachel Falconer Computing

Rachel is always a pleasure to work with because she’s organised, inspired, creative and intellectually curious. We’ve had some great discussions and her kind of critical thinking, that bridges design and art, is what we need more of in Computing.

Noelle Mann

Noelle was a passionate and energetic person who set everything she engaged with alight with her passion. I had the privilege of her sharing her love of Russian music through the Prokofiev archive and through the Russian Choir. She supported me academically and personally, encouraged me professionally and is someone I still hold up as an inspiration and example to me.

Raj Pandey Politics

She is a beacon of light in so many ways!

Sarah Jackson MCCS

Sarah is our Department Finance Co-Ordinator, part of the all-to-often unsung Support Staff, and a living example of why individual Departments should retain their administrative autonomy. Sarah negotiates the labyrinthine complexities of Goldsmiths financial regulations – which seemingly change every few months – with grace, humour and unfailing expertise. In my current role at Goldsmiths I’m engaged in running two complex research projects, involving multiple outside suppliers of services. Administering these without Sarah’s knowledge and flexibility would be impossible.

Sally Priddle Governance

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Sally as she supports the work of Goldsmiths Council and its wide range of committees, making sure we fulfil our statutory and regulatory duties. It would be easy to see this work as part of our back-office functions but Sally shows real leadership in this crucial aspect of our work – she always gives colleagues time to discuss and explain what we need to do and why. I really value her expert knowledge and attention to detail.

Sarah Lambert Open Book

Sarah tries to help anyone who would like to educate themselves, however many difficulties arise.
She inspired me to keep going even when I felt like giving up.

Rose Hepworth

Rose shoulders, influences and makes things happen in the department. The department simply won’t function without her.

Nadine Mason-Bertrand

She is an absolute rock in a sea of turbulence.

Xueni Pan Computing

Their expertise and dedication in the field of VR research.

Ros Gray

Throughout my time at Goldsmiths Ros has gone above and beyond the definition of her job role to make her department a more inclusive, supportive and interdisciplinary one. Foregrounding ecological and decolonial concerns meant that she was able to set up the allotment, the Art and Ecology MA and, hopefully, the forthcoming Research Garden as a space where students and staff from all areas of the college can meet, share ideas and experiences in ways otherwise difficult.

When I first started at Goldsmiths Ros was a key part of the staff and student campaign calling for a Green New Deal at the College. Her passion for action on climate change and ecological breakdown is really inspiring – and I have personally appreciated Ros’s contributions to the College’s Green New Deal Group and her development of the innovative MA Art and Ecology course. Ros also leads on coordinating the Goldsmiths Allotment, which I know is a really important resource for many students and colleagues – in terms of teaching and research, but also for our wellbeing.

Rosalyn George
Educational Studies

Rosalyn is an inspirational researcher and colleague who I have worked with for over 14 years. I have been inspired by her passion for equality issues. She was instrumental in setting up the departments Centre for Identities and Social Justice. Her research on girls friendships has had a far-reaching impact departmentally, locally, and internationally. I have fond memories seeing her on BBC breakfast talking about her research and listening to her on the radio. I was struck by how she captured the interest of the public and how she found a way of making research accessible.

She has consistently championed gender equality throughout her professional career. Rosalyn initiated in the 1980s, Gender watch a professional development pack for teachers that started with an audit process to establish the starting point in a school. Evaluations undertaken showed that the initiative had a significant impact on practice & gave teachers increased awareness & understanding of gendered outcomes in schools. This determination to achieve gender equality has been a core commitment in her professional practice and the research undertaken since working in HE in 1989.

Sam Rowe

Sam has been the backbone and beating heart of the department of theatre and performance for almost twenty years. She is not only a fabulous administrator and colleague, but has supported, mentored and guided students and our alumni, with commitment, compassion and flair. She was also seminal in creating the BA Alumni network and has contributed to the development of this important strand of work. In addition, Sam is also a key member of our Anti Racist Action Group and the department’s assigned mental health first aider. She is an inspirational and strong woman who is part of this wall!

Sam is the spine of the department and without her hard work, tireless stamina, expertise and knowledge, I have no doubt the department would fall apart! She has worked in the admin side of the department for nearly 20 years (or more?) and yet seems to bring to the department a great deal of positivity and enthusiasm. I feel her skills are often overlooked.

Sam is a constant source of humour, vulnerability and self-deprecation and never let’s me down.

Sam Rowe is the office administrator for T & P, and the absolute backbone of the department. She is there for staff and students and is always looking for solutions, better systems, clarity and communication. But overall Sam is an empathic, relational person, who has kept staff and students going many times. She’s trained as a mental health first aider, and this knowledge and sensitivity infects all of her work. We’ve been through many changes and Sam has been the steady presence without whom we could juts not function.

Sam is my heroine! She is always unwaveringly professional and generously shares her years of experience making every question a joy to ask. She holds us all, students and staff alike, and gently guides and cajoles us through rain and shine. Her smile is infectious and I can’t wait to dance with her again!

Sheila Faucher

Shelia Faucher has impacted the way in which library colleagues think and design approaches to support student with disability and the space utilization. Also I have witnessed many students and staff benefit from the advice and support Shelia has provided for over ten years of service to the Goldsmiths community. Shelia is diligent and caring and speaks truth to power.

As a disabled Student. Throughout my studies, Sheila has helped me and aided my progression. She has gone above and beyond her remit.

Sheila is exceptional in her role. She always has time to show a disabled student how equipment works in ATC (for disabled students), and more. She has supported students without a disability. She always listens and has time for people. She is always available to reassure students, aid them to locate resources in the library and a support them if they are unable to locate an academic journal. I would like to nominate her and thank her for all her hard work….

Siân Prime

Sian is an amazingly creative, well-respected and talented woman who doesn’t always get recognition.

In all that she does, she draws on her extensive experience from diverse organisations and cultures – sharing new ideas, creative ways of thinking and working amongst her students – encouraging them to push themselves in ways they might not have considered. She’s kind, thoughtful and approachable – always having time for people. This is why I am nominating her.

Victoria Goddard

Victoria Goddard has inspired generations of students and staff for four decades in Anthropology and across Goldsmiths through her extraordinary commitment to learning, teaching and social justice.

Victoria has expanded feminist understandings of relations among the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, in the global steel industry and in Naples informal economy. She has also drawn attention to the critical contributions made by generations of diasporic families who continue to build international and south-south solidarities across borders that have been rendered increasingly impassable.

Victoria’s tireless work on access, equality and social justice, and dedication to students – always going the extra mile.

Victoria, who has only recently retired, has done the most amazing work on gender and labour relations, precarity and neoliberal restructuring. She has been instrumental in building the anthropology department and its focus on political economy, and embodies many of the best qualities students at Goldsmiths came to expect from staff. Inside and outside of academia, Victoria highlights inequalities and engages in debates across many divisions

Maura Dooley

Maura is:
An inspiring teacher
A brilliant organiser
A supportive colleague
A sensitive mentor
The hardest worker I know.
And someone passionately committed to the values traditionally associated with Goldsmiths: innovation, equality, freedom of thought and expression, openness to ideas, and mutual respect and tolerance.

Michelle Williams Gamaker

For all of her brilliant work on race equality in the Art Department over many years, for her steadfast support for black and PoC students & colleagues in the Art Department, and for her outstanding films, research and teaching. Michelle is huge inspiration for so many of us and has done untold amounts of often invisible work to support new generations of radical artists.

Sarah Adejuwon

Sarah is a true inspiration. In her 2nd year of studying Law and working as a student ambassador, Sarah has balanced her studies and work whilst also volunteering at a local soup Kitchen to give back to the community.

Sarah has made a significant contribution to the work we do in widening participation- in her role as a student administrator and by sharing her experiences with young people from various backgrounds, including those in care, to support them in making an informed decision about their future

Sharon Jennings

Sharon generously shares her warmth, compassion, wisdom, and time with those around her – staff and students. She is an educator and activist and her passion is contagious!

Although she is now retired, I feel beyond blessed that I was able to work with and learn so very much from Sharon. Thank you!

Sarah Humphreys

Sarah is an associate lecturer who year in, year out tutors the social work students. She’s reliable and consistent; she’s there for the students and is a team player who combines the best of the academic and social work practice worlds. She also teaches on the Practice Supervisors Development Programme and her teaching is highly rated.

Joan Fletcher

Recently retired as Head of Social Work. Developed very strong relationships with local Councils and the DfE to improve the quality of social work practice and education. Universally admired for her calm, warm, authoritative and respectful way in which she engaged with students and colleagues.

Shume Begum

She is an active goldsmiths alumna who graduated in 2017 and has also been a student ambassador while studying at goldsmiths. She went on to become a data analyst before working at the department for work and pensions.

She inspired, motivated and advised me to also go to goldsmiths. She has challenged many barriers women face but has excelled, not allowing such barriers to restrict her. She also influenced many of my friends to attend goldsmiths as well as me while promoting the university. I probably wouldn’t have attended goldsmiths if it was not for her.

Sinead Gibson

She has managed to continue coping throughout many hardships that have come her way, all whilst balancing work, uni and family. On top of all this, she continues to shine a light for others and help support them. She proves to be a brave and strong woman.

Wendy Jordan

Wendy made her subject enjoyable and accessible during difficult circumstances (Covid-19). Her enthusiasm for the topics within her module (Music as Communication), her lectures and seminars brought the subject to life and assisted our learning

Sue Curtis

Sue has been a lecturer and supervisor for the MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy programme at Goldsmiths for more than twenty years. She has mentored many generations of therapists and continues to do so with a passion. Despite the challenges life has thrown at her (having been through two cancer treatments in recent years), Sue continues to teach tirelessly. Her enthusiasm and commitment for the profession are an inspiration for students and colleagues alike. Sue has a gift in recognising the potential in every student she works with. Her playfulness, creativity and resilience are contagious.

Sue Dixon Educational Studies

Susan’s passion for the mental well-being and pastoral care of students and staff is inspirational. The confidential nature of this work renders Susan’s considerable impact on students lives in particular, invisible and unacknowledged . This caring work has reach beyond the university where she has been supporting self help groups suffering from eating disorders. For this work she was awarded the BEAT Volunteer National Award for Outstanding Voluntary Service. This alongside her contribution to broader issues relating to ITE within the department makes Susan a woman to be celebrated.

Valerie Walkerdine

Professor Walkerdine has made a important and highly influential contribution to Goldsmiths research culture through her work on women, class, community and the critique of psychology.

Susan Kelly

Of her fantastic work with the Union over many years.

Guiding light for mutual care and cooperation in the college community.

Veronica Poku Educational Studies

Veronica is a warm and inspiring colleague and collaborator. She is a gifted creative writer as well as erudite academic and educator. She makes our university a better place.

Sarah Pearce
Educational Studies

Sarah is an inclusive, patient and generous teacher who reignited my love of learning and confidence in my own academic ability whilst I studied the MA in Education: Culture, Language and Identity.


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