Professor Donna Chambers

Donna Chambers

Professor Donna Chambers MSc, PhD is Professor of Tourism and Chair of the Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism Research Institute at the University of Sunderland.

Before academia she worked at the ministry responsible for tourism in Jamaica.

Professor Chambers employs critical and innovative approaches to tourism research, focusing on how people and places are represented.

She has co-edited several books about tourism and says that it is a fascinating and exciting subject of research due to its interdisciplinary nature, its dynamism and its implications for many of the postcolonial countries of the Global South.

She is the convenor of an interdisciplinary research network on race, class and ethnicity which provides an open forum for critical dialogues about race, class and ethnicity and their complex intersections.

She considers herself to be an activist as well as an academic and says that she is fortunate because she can use her position to mentor others and to seek to foster positive change.