Professor Dorothy Monekosso

Dorothy Monekosso

Professor Dorothy Monekosso PhD is Professor of Computer Science in the School of Arts, Engineering and Technology at Leeds Beckett University.

She began her career in space technology research at Surrey Satellite Technology, developing on-board computers and control systems for spacecraft.

She became interested in Artificial Intelligence during her PhD research at the Surrey Space Centre, applying machine learning methods and techniques to autonomous spacecraft.

On the basis of this work, she was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering, Engineering Foresight Award and spent a year at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena California.

She can fairly be called a rocket scientist. Professor Monekosso says that she loves anything that can operate autonomously such as robots and self-driving cars.

She is working to develop smart homes that learn about and adapt to the inhabitant, particularly as they grow older.

She is holding a device forming part of a system using video analytics, which she has developed, to support upper limb rehabilitation of stroke patients at home.