Professor Florence Ayisi

Florence Ayisi

Professor Florence Ayisi BA, CertED, MA, MA is Professor of International Documentary Film at the University of South Wales, UK.

Her documentary Sisters in Law (co-directed with Kim Longinotto, 2005), won over 30 awards and was screened in over 200 festivals.

It was longlisted for the Oscars in 2006. Zanzibar Soccer Queens (2007) was screened in over 65 film festivals and on television.

Zanzibar Soccer Dreams (co-directed with Catalin Brylla, 2016), was shortlisted for the Research in Film Awards in 2017 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), UK.

Professor Ayisi says that her research in film explores alternative representations of Africa and reveals extraordinary experiences of African people, especially women, who are usually marginalised and often remain invisible in mainstream media culture.

She is passionate about her work because it allows her to explore her agenda of decolonising the cinematic gaze from Pan-African and woman-centred perspectives.

She says that the people who cannot write or read can ‘see’ what she is saying about them.

Although her documentary films are conceived and produced in a diasporic and transnational context, they are located within the broad framework and political agenda of ‘Third Cinema’, whose aim is the ‘decolonization of culture’.