Professor Patricia Tuitt

Patricia Tuitt

Patricia Tuitt BA, LLM, Barrister was Professor and Dean of the School of Law at Birkbeck, University of London from 2009 to 2017.

She now directs an online academic resource,, comprising open access academic articles, book reviews and commentaries on refugee law, the European Union and Brexit, legal theory (with an emphasis on critical race and postcolonial legal perspectives) and higher and legal education policy.

Patricia has a track record over more than 20 years of research, teaching and strategic management within the field of critical legal studies.

Her many publications include the monographs, ‘False Images: Law’s Construction of the Refugee’ (1996) and ‘Race, Law, Resistance’ (2004).

She is co-editor of ‘Critical Beings: Law, Nation and the Global Legal Subject’ (2004) and ‘Crime Fiction and the Law’ (2016).

Recent open access articles published on her website include: The UK’s General Strike: Brexit and Critiques of Violence (2017) and Academic Judgement and the Force of Law (2018).