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We are hiring a post doc, lab manager

and PhD students in Poland

Contact us if interested or check the links below for details


Post doc


We are offering a 4 year long post doctoral position at the Department of Psychology, University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poznan, Poland. The position is to assist at the research program entitled ‘Mindfulness as an intervention reducing retaliatory aggression among collective narcissists’ lead by dr Agnieszka Golec de Zavala.

Salary: 8300PLN monthly

Successful candidate will join a team of international researchers working on this project (Dr David Chester, Prof. Kip Williams, Prof. Constantine Sedikides) and will become a member of the PrejudiceLab as well as social neuroscience lab in Poznan. The candidate will visit the lab of dr Chester as Virginia Commonwealth University to conduct an fMRI study for the project. Other tasks of the post doctoral researcher will include

Organizing the collaboration between the project team, supervision of doctoral researchers

Supervising psychophysiological research (eyetracking, ECG, cortisol) and data analysis and presentation

Assisting in dissemination of findings

 We are looking for candidates who:

Hold a PhD in psychology or related sciences

Have a documented early career in fields of neuroscience or psychophysiology (relevant scientific publications, conference presentations, research collaborations

Have skills necessary to conduct research using eye-tracking, ECG and understanding of fMRI research

Good command of relevant statistical analyses

Questions and application (CV, cover letter and references) should be sent directly to dr Agnieszka Golec de Zavala at


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