The Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths College is a flourishing centre of study and research. Following the 2014 REF, the Times HE rated the Department’s research intensity in the top 5 of UK Psychology Departments while the QS World University subject-level rankings placed the Department in the top 15 in the UK, and just outside the top 100 world-wide.

Research in the Department is structured around five main research groupings. The Cognition and Neuroscience Group (C2N) C2N seeks to understand how the human mind enables us to navigate our complex environment while members of the Developmental and Educational Science Group are concerned with investigating the development of the psychological process from infancy to adolescence.

The Forensic and Clinical Science group work closely with local and international external agencies such as police forces, prisons, and NHS Trusts to advance psychological theory and knowledge in legal and wellbeing contexts. The Social Processes and Personality Group, in turn, works to understand who people are, and how this affects our interactions with others on both an individual and a group-based level.

Last but not least, The Science of the Creative and Performing Arts Group exploits the unique offerings of the Goldsmiths environment to  investigate the cognitive and neural bases of music, dance and the visual arts.

But what is it really  like to do research in the Department here?

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