Grief and a Scholar

by Stephanie Guirand For whatever reason, the only sound I could stomach on my walk from the train station to the campus was the Bridgerton score. Melodic, familiar, and escapist—the music was interrupted by a WhatsApp call. I answered. Come to find out, one of my research participants was shot in the head the night … Continue reading Grief and a Scholar

Racist Tones

Limited edition book by the FOUR WRITERS group, et al.   Racist Tones foregrounds the everyday stories of those at the receiving end of the hostile racist environment, which formed the backdrop to the Two-Tone record label founded in 1979 in Coventry. It delves into the tones and frequencies in which racism was received and … Continue reading Racist Tones

Students and staff on the vital work of admin staff for learning and research in the Department

Although we do not yet know what exactly is involved in SMT’s plans to ‘centralise professional services’ in College, students and staff have written testimonials to show why ‘ripping the heart out of the Department’ is such a bad idea for all of us.   Read the testimonials here.     Continue reading Students and staff on the vital work of admin staff for learning and research in the Department

Goldsmiths SMT urged to reconsider admin centralisation

Letter and powerful Testimonial sent to Goldsmiths Senior Management Team from former Sociology Department academics   Dear Frances Corner, Senior Management Team, Dinah Caine and members of Council, As academics who have benefitted from the work of the Administrative Staff in the Department of Sociology, as former teachers and researchers there, we are writing to … Continue reading Goldsmiths SMT urged to reconsider admin centralisation

Research News – October 2021

Awards Fay Dennis has been awarded the Sociology of Health & Illness New Writer’s Prize for her article Drug fatalities and treatment fatalism: Complicating the ageing cohort theory. Faten Khazaei (Postdoctoral Researcher) has been awarded the Brigitte-Schnegg-Prize for 2021 for her thesis entitled Manufacturing Difference: Double Standard in Swiss Institutional responses to Intimate Partner Violence. … Continue reading Research News – October 2021

Breaking News – Sociology UCU Department Motion

Sociology Department UCU members pass motion condemning the ‘deletion’ of professional service staff roles in their department   The Sociology Department met on 29 September to discuss Goldsmiths College plans to make three of the Department professional service staff redundant.  As stakeholders and those most directly affected by this change, we strongly oppose this move. Removing this dedicated … Continue reading Breaking News – Sociology UCU Department Motion

Change Management 101

By Dr Vik Loveday Having trouble coping and feeling ‘unsettled’? Finding it hard to keep up with the demands of your job during a global pandemic? Is the anxiety of looming job losses keeping you awake at night? Many of us working in UK universities will be familiar with the narrative that rank-and-file staff are … Continue reading Change Management 101

The F Less Travelled… Tracing Feminist Pathways

A podcast by Sabrina Etherington and Amelia Donkor The F Less Travelled… Tracing Feminist Pathways is a new podcast birthed on the Gender, Media and Culture MA by two part-time students, Amelia Donkor and Sabrina Etherington. It’s designed to be a space for storytelling and feminist journeys, where guests are invited to share the three books, … Continue reading The F Less Travelled… Tracing Feminist Pathways

Research News – Summer 2021

Awards Jennifer Fleetwood has won the British Society of Criminology, Women Crime and Criminal Justice Network 2021 Paper Prize. The Prize ‘celebrates excellence in research and scholarship’. Her winning paper: Fleetwood, J., Aldridge, J. and Chatwin, C., 2020. Gendering research on online illegal drug markets. Addiction Research & Theory, 28(6), pp.457-466. Publications Corine van Emmerik‘s paper called ‘Aesthetics from the … Continue reading Research News – Summer 2021