Research News – Summer 2022

Publications Ming-Te Peng (PhD Candidate) has published her first article in Asia Pacific Education Review, under the title “Relocating the education reform movement: how have universities in Taiwan experienced Neoliberalization?” Silvia Bombardini, George Kalivis, and Floriane Misslin (PhD researchers in Visual Sociology) published a short online article titled “Going off script: The subversive potential of misworn clothing” in The … Continue reading Research News – Summer 2022

Research News – May 2022

Awards Jennifer Fleetwood (with Charlotte Scott in Department of English) have been awarded £29,324 from the AHRC to form a research network with Clean Break Theatre Company. The project is called “A story of her own: Finding a space for women to speak beyond the criminal justice system”. The project starts in July and will … Continue reading Research News – May 2022

“I am a Work in Progress” – The Art of Living With(out) Drugs

New Exhibition of Workshop Outputs This exhibition explores what it is to live a life without drugs and alcohol where they have previously featured heavily. It is based on a collaboration between a researcher, two artists, Isla Millar and Penny Maltby, and seven research participants. It forms part of an early-career research project led by … Continue reading “I am a Work in Progress” – The Art of Living With(out) Drugs

Research News – February 2022

Publications The Sociology Society has produced a new issue of SPLIT Magazine written by students. Sara Farris has just published a new article (co-authored with Nira Yuval-Davis and Catherine Rottenberg), “The Frontline as Performative Frame: An Analysis of the UK COVID Crisis”. State Crime. Vol. 10, No. 2 (2021), pp. 284-303. Beverley Skeggs, Sara R. … Continue reading Research News – February 2022

Research News – December 2021

Publications Evelyn Ruppert with Stephan Scheel published an edited collection with Goldsmiths Press based on the findings of Evelyn’s ERC project, ARITHMUS. It includes chapters co-authored by different combinations of the six-member project team: Data Practices: Making Up a European People.  The book is Open Access and will soon be downloadable in pdf from MIT … Continue reading Research News – December 2021

Research News – October 2021

Awards Fay Dennis has been awarded the Sociology of Health & Illness New Writer’s Prize for her article Drug fatalities and treatment fatalism: Complicating the ageing cohort theory. Faten Khazaei (Postdoctoral Researcher) has been awarded the Brigitte-Schnegg-Prize for 2021 for her thesis entitled Manufacturing Difference: Double Standard in Swiss Institutional responses to Intimate Partner Violence. … Continue reading Research News – October 2021

Research News – May 2021

Publications   Christos Varvantakis has a chapter published in a recent edited volume on photography and collective identities in Greece: Varvantakis, C. (2021) ‘Η Ακρόπολη από μακριά: Απόσταση, εγγύτητα και αφή’ (‘Acropolis from a distance: Distance, proximity and touch.’), in Petsini, P. and Stathatos, Y. (eds) Φωτογραφία και συλλογικές ταυτότητες: Ελληνικές φωτογραφικές μελέτες Ι (Photography … Continue reading Research News – May 2021

Research News – April 2021

Publications Martin Savransky has published an essay titled “After Progress: Notes for an Ecology of Perhaps” in the latest issue of Ephemera: Theory & Politics in Organisation, as part of a special issue on “Standby: Organising modes of in/activity”. It’s open access! Natassia Brenman has recently had a book review published in the Sociology of … Continue reading Research News – April 2021