Research News – Summer 2022

Publications Ming-Te Peng (PhD Candidate) has published her first article in Asia Pacific Education Review, under the title “Relocating the education reform movement: how have universities in Taiwan experienced Neoliberalization?” Silvia Bombardini, George Kalivis, and Floriane Misslin (PhD researchers in Visual Sociology) published a short online article titled “Going off script: The subversive potential of misworn clothing” in The … Continue reading Research News – Summer 2022

Research News – May 2022

Awards Jennifer Fleetwood (with Charlotte Scott in Department of English) have been awarded £29,324 from the AHRC to form a research network with Clean Break Theatre Company. The project is called “A story of her own: Finding a space for women to speak beyond the criminal justice system”. The project starts in July and will … Continue reading Research News – May 2022

Research News – February 2022

Publications The Sociology Society has produced a new issue of SPLIT Magazine written by students. Sara Farris has just published a new article (co-authored with Nira Yuval-Davis and Catherine Rottenberg), “The Frontline as Performative Frame: An Analysis of the UK COVID Crisis”. State Crime. Vol. 10, No. 2 (2021), pp. 284-303. Beverley Skeggs, Sara R. … Continue reading Research News – February 2022

Research News – December 2021

Publications Evelyn Ruppert with Stephan Scheel published an edited collection with Goldsmiths Press based on the findings of Evelyn’s ERC project, ARITHMUS. It includes chapters co-authored by different combinations of the six-member project team: Data Practices: Making Up a European People.  The book is Open Access and will soon be downloadable in pdf from MIT … Continue reading Research News – December 2021

Research News – October 2021

Awards Fay Dennis has been awarded the Sociology of Health & Illness New Writer’s Prize for her article Drug fatalities and treatment fatalism: Complicating the ageing cohort theory. Faten Khazaei (Postdoctoral Researcher) has been awarded the Brigitte-Schnegg-Prize for 2021 for her thesis entitled Manufacturing Difference: Double Standard in Swiss Institutional responses to Intimate Partner Violence. … Continue reading Research News – October 2021

Research News – May 2021

Publications   Christos Varvantakis has a chapter published in a recent edited volume on photography and collective identities in Greece: Varvantakis, C. (2021) ‘Η Ακρόπολη από μακριά: Απόσταση, εγγύτητα και αφή’ (‘Acropolis from a distance: Distance, proximity and touch.’), in Petsini, P. and Stathatos, Y. (eds) Φωτογραφία και συλλογικές ταυτότητες: Ελληνικές φωτογραφικές μελέτες Ι (Photography … Continue reading Research News – May 2021

Research News – April 2021

Publications Martin Savransky has published an essay titled “After Progress: Notes for an Ecology of Perhaps” in the latest issue of Ephemera: Theory & Politics in Organisation, as part of a special issue on “Standby: Organising modes of in/activity”. It’s open access! Natassia Brenman has recently had a book review published in the Sociology of … Continue reading Research News – April 2021

Research News – February 2021

Awards Congratulations to Yesim Yildiz, who has been awarded a 3-year funded ESRC New Investigator’s Grant, entitled: Official Archives of State Violence, starting 1 March. Congratulations, also to Miranda Armstrong who received an award of £8385 from the grassroots organisation Resourcing Racial Justice to further develop her PhD research and undertake some advocacy around the … Continue reading Research News – February 2021

Can you hear me? Poppy September-Peters and Rosette Jaminki In Conversation with Kiran Grewal and Svenja Bromberg

14th July 2020 Poppy September-Peters and Rosette Jaminki In Conversation with Kiran Grewal and Svenja Bromberg about the 2019 and 2020 University and College Union  (UCU) strikes, pandemic and online teaching. Organised by Yasmin Gunaratnam. In March 2020, after the strikes held by the academic staff concluded, the sociology department of Goldsmiths University was ready … Continue reading Can you hear me? Poppy September-Peters and Rosette Jaminki In Conversation with Kiran Grewal and Svenja Bromberg

13 Dead, Nothing Said: Photography as Political Witness

10 May 2017 4-6.00pm RHB137a, Goldsmiths University of London On 2nd March 1981 a protest took place called the Black People Day of Action. On their placards was written the slogan “Thirteen dead and nothing said”. Vron Ware photographed this historic moment and the event will use this exhibition to explore the relationship between photography, … Continue reading 13 Dead, Nothing Said: Photography as Political Witness