Working as a Student Ambassador at Goldsmiths

A fun way to earn while you study is the Student Ambassador program at Goldsmiths. Popular Music student James Williams caught up with some friends who have just finished their first year on the program to discuss their experiences, and answer some frequently asked questions about working as an ambassador.

What kind of work do you do?
James: I mainly work on Music Applicant Days, which involves giving campus tours and directing people around the department to their interviews. I also write articles for the Goldsmiths Student Blog aimed at prospective students.

Do you enjoy being a student ambassador?
Matthew: My first ever shift was making a video for Goldsmiths’ social media, which was great fun – having fun while getting paid is something I’m not used to!

Kieran: I presented a video exploring three markets near campus for Fresher’s Week, which was probably my favourite, but I enjoy doing campus tours too; you end up learning from those on the tour as much as you’re teaching them.

How do you balance studying with work?
Kieran: I have no trouble! As an ambassador, you are in control of how many hours you work and you can choose to accept or decline jobs sent your way via text and email, meaning I have time for my degree, social life, and work.

A Goldsmiths Ambassador’s uniform

What are the benefits?
James: Besides the pink t-shirt? Working as an ambassador has definitely given me a confidence boost. I’ve heard some ambassadors also really enjoy working at [Higher Education] too because they travel around the country and get the chance to explore new cities. And of course, earning above the living wage while you study is a great help for any student! It feels like you really are making it easier for new students coming to university or London for the first time.

Kieran: Making the video of the local area was a brilliant opportunity to showcase what South East London has to offer, especially for people who aren’t used to London.

How do you apply?
James: We applied when uni got underway in October and went for an informal assessment day. We were put into groups and asked to give an improvised talk to other students about Goldsmiths. If you are accepted onto the scheme and have completed training, you have the opportunity to stay on as an ambassador throughout your time at the university – I’d definitely like to stay on.

Matthew: Yeah, I hope to get even more involved next year!

If you are interested in becoming a student ambassador, please email the Student Ambassador Coordinator. Visit the Goldsmiths website to find out more about Open days and Applicant days.

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