A Day in the Life of… A Popular Music student

Because he took a year out after his A-Levels in 2017, it was a long wait before he finally arrived to study at Goldsmiths. Now that he’s here, BMus Popular Music student James Williams tries not to take it for granted, and to make the most of his time as a Goldsmiths student!

On the popular music course, my day can consist of anything from songwriting workshops and ensemble performance practice, to history lectures and digital composing classes. But first, my morning starts with everyone’s favourite activity: the commute. I was lucky enough to get a room in Surrey House (one of the university’s halls of residence), meaning the walk to campus takes only five minutes. This becomes especially useful when I have a 9am lecture to get to!

The walk to campus from Surrey House, along Lewisham Way

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The weird and wonderful world of Goldsmiths’ Societies

Whatever extra-curricular activities you are into, we have it all covered at Goldsmiths. Politics and International Relations student Terrelle Iziren gives you an overview of some of the weird and wonderful societies at Goldsmiths.

The number of societies on campus keeps growing. Students can join as many sports clubs, political, activist and media groups, religious, ethnic and national communities as they choose – have your pick! Goldsmiths own tech society, Hacksmiths, is one of the most popular communities on campus. Specialising in testing the latest technology, you can expect to get creative in many ways – from learning to code, to building new gaming projects, and pushing the boundaries of physical computing. Expect to see lots of wacky and wonderful events hosted by the society, one of the biggest being an annual Hackathon, often supported by big-name sponsors like Spotify.

(Pic: Code Ninja/Unsplash)

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A day in the life of… A Politics and International Relations student

What a time to be a politics student! Britain is on the cusp of leaving the EU, and for many of this student generation, it feels like uncharted territory. Terrelle Iziren explains what it’s like to study on the BA Politics and International Relations programme in the creative environment of Goldsmiths.

Similarly to many other UK universities, politics at Goldsmiths is not all Eurocentric. The beauty of being surrounded by students from such a diverse range of cultures is that you get to discover others’ personal experiences first-hand. This serves us well when the course require us to compare different governments in China and the US, and explore how they have created different legislation throughout history to protect their citizens. We are encouraged to think independently, critically, and analytically about historical events like the Cold War, and explain how they may have shaped modern-day global society.

Brexit protestors outside the Palace of Westminster (Pic: John Cameron)

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An outing to the Kachin Revolution Day celebrations

MA International Relations student, Sumiré Jay, joined the Kachin Revolution day celebrations in West London, diving into an incredible evening of speeches, songs, presentations, and prayer.

Hounslow, West London, may not be the first place you would imagine encountering the celebrations of a South-east Asian revolution. Yet it was here that, on 5 February, a group of about 25 men, women, and children gathered for the 58th anniversary of Kachin Revolution Day. Representatives from the Kachin diaspora community across London commemorated one of longest ongoing armed insurrections: the Kachin Rebellion in Myanmar. My classmates and I joined the celebrations to learn about the politics of conflict-induced diasporas in a course on Armed Politics and Political Violence. Together we dived into an incredible evening of speeches, songs, presentations and prayer (Kachin are predominately Christians, although Myanmar is a Buddhist majority country) as well as informal conversations over food and coffee.

Group photo in Hounslow. Pic: Kachin National Organisation

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Coffee Hours and Safe Spaces: the low-down on Goldsmiths’ Liberation Room

Sofia Wickerhauser & James Williams visited Goldsmiths’ Liberation Room, and spoke to students from minority groups, as well as the Liberation Coordinator, about the Student Union’s Coffee Hour, how the event came about, and the effect it’s having on the student body.

Goldsmiths staff and students at London Pride 2018

Goldsmiths is renowned for being an inclusive, welcoming university with a diverse student community – this has certainly been my [James] experience as an LGBT student. As well as student-run societies helping unite and represent minority groups like BME and queer students, Goldsmiths is also home to the Liberation Room. A safe space on the ground floor of the Student’s Union, it hosts a daily Coffee Hour from 13:00 – 14:00, and is designed to encourage marginalised groups to meet and discuss issues. Catch the timetable for these below.

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