A day in the life of… An MA Script Writing Student

Sofia Wickerhauser, a Brazilian student on the MA Script Writing at Goldsmiths, writes about culture clash, and her experience as a Goldsmiths post-graduate student.

An MA Script Writing student receives feedback from fellow students on the structure of his script.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why I chose to pursue a Masters in London instead of Sao Paulo, where I was born and raised. In the three years before starting the course, I had made a series of apparently successful short films, but I still felt I’d hit a wall in my progress as a filmmaker, and didn’t know how to move forward. After learning that several Brazilian screenwriters had studied abroad and had come back the better for it, I decided the UK film industry was exactly what I needed.

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Five free (or cheap) things to do in Greenwich this weekend

Need some tips for the weekend? Read on for a list of five free (or at least very cheap) things to do in Greenwich, compiled by Sofia Wickerhauser!

Greenwich Park

Climb the hill in Greenwich Park to see what is perhaps one of the best views of London. With 183 acres of land and 400-year-old trees, the park is a local favourite, not only for the view but also for picnics, long walks, and bird watching. The rose garden, located on the eastern side of the park, is a must-see in June/July. The Royal Observatory observatory, on top of the hill, houses the Meridian Line, which the Observatory’s website says ” (…) represents the Prime Meridian of the world, Longitude Zero (0° 0′ 0″). The location of every place on Earth is measured in terms of its angle east or west from this line.”

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Sober London: things to do in the capital if you don’t drink

Not a drinker? Not a problem! Despite the ‘party hard’ stereotype associated with university, James Williams writes about how you don’t have to drink to have a good time – especially in London! Here are some of the city’s best sober attractions and ideas for non-drinkers if “going out” isn’t your thing.

Uniqlo Tate Lates

The Tate’s eclectic basement venue Pic: James Williams

On the last Friday of the month, the Tate Modern is the place to be. The gallery stays open until 10pm to put on a free programme of exclusive workshops, films, and music, while keeping all day time exhibitions open too. These tend to be less crowded at the Lates, giving you the opportunity to beat the queues and discover the exhibits at a quieter time. Venture into the Blavatnik Building’s buzzing basement to catch live sets by up-and-coming DJs, with the artists often silhouetted against quirky video installations. There’s something for everyone!Read More »

A day in the life of a Goldsmiths mature student

Karl Thomas, a mature student and Goldsmiths veteran, writes about how he felt coming back into education after a few years off, and his experience at Goldsmiths.

I started my journey into higher education as mature student in 2013. I enrolled on a full-time foundation course in History, which lead to a BA, and to me continuing my studies on the Queer History MA at Goldsmiths. I had always taken a keen interest in history and politics, but after having left school at 16 the prospect of returning to study, while exciting, was also slightly daunting. I was also concerned that I might have difficulties fitting in as an older student. However, with support, I soon became part of a community on campus, and realised that the student population at Goldsmiths is very diverse, and over the years have met many people in the same position as me. Research conducted by the NUS showed that as many as 80 per cent of current mature students enrolled when they were over the age of 24.

The author standing by Goldsmiths Green Pic: Karl Thomas

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Things to do in South East London: Parents Edition

If you’re new to London it may seem daunting: it’s big, it’s smokey, the tube map crosses over all over the place. People often leave the city to try and make a better life for their kids, but actually London can be very family friendly. The South East of London is still filled with large, green spaces, and over the last few years has becomes more and more family focused as people have left the expensive “north-of-the-river” to settle in bigger houses at cheaper prices. Conveniently, Goldsmith sits in the north of Lewisham borough, on two overground stations and one train station. It has easy access to the whole of London, but if you’re looking to entertain the little terrors in your life, you needn’t go far.Read More »