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Meg in Norway (Part two)

Meg wrote about their term abroad at Kristiania University (Norway) as it was happening – read part two below.

It’s super important to maintain a routine whilst living somewhere that is so unfamiliar. Steps I took to help with this was to find a regular place to visit that isn’t your flat! So, for me it was a coffee shop just down the road from where I lived. Having a base that isn’t where you live is super important as it can make you feel like you know the city more. It’s also super important to not isolate yourself from the locals. I learnt a few phrases in Norwegian like ordering a coffee, how to say hello, bye, and thank you! A lot of times it was a funny conversation starter as they knew I wasn’t Norwegian, and I made quite a few friends that way! I would also say try not to imagine yourself as an exchange student. Yes of course, do all the touristy places, but making friends with people that are native to the city will give you a much richer experience, and make you feel more at home!

Here are some photos of the coffee place I will miss dearly!! If you end up going abroad to Oslo, you’ve got to visit it, it’s called Papegøye in Tøyen! (formally called Neongrut).









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Meg in Norway (Part one)

Meg wrote about their term abroad at Kristiania University (Norway) as it was happening – read part one below.

I’m Meg! I’m a popular music student at Goldsmiths doing their undergrad and I have just finished my first semester of my second year, abroad in Norway! If you would’ve asked me when I started at Goldsmiths that soon I would be living in Oslo, I would’ve laughed, as it’s not something I had ever pictured myself doing. Upping, and moving my life across Europe? Sounds hella stressful, and don’t get me wrong, it definitely was when I was preparing, but that’s nothing compared to the six amazing months I spent here. I knew nothing about Norway or Oslo before I went, and now I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop in the city, drinking the best coffee, and writing about how much I love Oslo and don’t want to leave!







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Ella’s Term in Vienna

Read Ella’s (BA Criminology) blog about her term abroad at the University of Vienna with helpful tips for other students wanting to study abroad at the end!

Vienna was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been too. Vienna has the most incredible architecture which was one of my favourite parts of the city. The pictures below demonstrate my regular walk home from university in the evening and buildings I’d walk past:












Some of highlights of my trip included: 

Christmas in Vienna: I was there for December/January time when it snowed, there was also beautiful Christmas markets which Vienna is known for. The markets had amazing food from all over the world and sold other items such as ornaments, gingerbread, candles and other Christmas decorations. The Christmas market was located at one of the most beautiful buildings in Vienna, Rathausplatz (a public plaza, 2 minutes’ walk from the university). 

The people I met while studying abroad: I made an incredible group of friends that I’m still in touch with that I hope will be friends for life. I’m planning a visit to go back to Vienna in  the summer to see some of them! You meet such a variety of people that come from across the world, this really gives you a chance to get to know different cultures and try new foods. Meeting friends really makes your experience abroad, there are also lots of events you can attend to meet people so best to do your research and look at for those! Read More »

France: A Term Abroad

Gufran Elhrari, Politics and International Relations student, spent a term abroad at Sciences-Po Toulouse university in France during the final year of her BA. Read about her experience including tips for other students wanting to go to Toulouse.

Toulouse is a lively city filled with history, restaurants, and amazing people; staying there for a couple of months was amazing. My highlight was meeting new people and being able to experience something I haven’t before. I have never studied abroad; therefore, this experience was incredibly special to me. Moreover, with Toulouse being in the South, it was possible to explore other cities near the coast. Some friends and I were able to visit other cities, including Marseille and Montpelier, which were incredibly beautiful and worth a visit. The university also offers student trips under Mondus, a student-led programme where we visited Carcassonne and enjoyed the beauty of old architecture, the beautiful castle, and the church. It was worth it.  

Throughout my study abroad, I created a daily routine for myself that was different from being at home. I was living right in the city’s heart; therefore, I walked everywhere rather than taking public transport. Toulouse is huge. However, the centre is small and easy to navigate if you get lost in the small but beautiful streets. In London, I live with my family; therefore, trying to create a routine while being alone was challenging. I would also make my own meals and study at home. However, Toulouse has some of the most excellent cafes with the most delicious pastries and desserts; therefore, most of my studies were spent in cafes.


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