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Greece: A Term in Peloponnese

Erin, TaP student, spent the Autumn term in Greece at the University of the Peloponnese. Read below about her experience.

It was definitely enlightening to be part of an education system outside of the UK, where I felt that this particular university had a wide range of courses to choose from in the Theatre department. The breadth and depth of each course was something I greatly appreciated and it delved into topics I did not study in London.  

The location itself is great. Very scenic, quiet town, with plenty of good places to eat. The highlight was the friendliness and kind hospitality of the people there, who made the experience that much more enjoyable. The students are motivated, helpful and participative in class. The schedule is busy, but you always feel like you are learning a lot and making good friends along the way.



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‘Say yes to everything!’ – A Term in Madrid

Isabella, BA Media and English student, writes about her term abroad studying at CEU San Pablo Madrid.

What were the highlights of your experience abroad?  

Getting to live in another country! Madrid is such a beautiful, friendly, fun, interesting city. The number of international students and the design of the city makes it really easy to meet people, and there’s plenty to do. There’s also loads of opportunities for cheap travel around Spain which I ended up taking full advantage of – the train to Valencia to go to the beach in a heatwave, Barcelona for Halloween, Mallorca for my birthday and Sevilla for flamenco!  

What was your daily routine and how did it differ from being at home? 

I had much more classes there, so I spent every day apart from Thursdays in University, often starting at 8am, and sometimes finishing as late as 7pm. However, it was really rewarding once I settled into the routine. On my days off I would be exploring the city, trying new food and spending time with my friends. 

What were your top challenges while abroad? 

The style of school is very different. It is far more attendance orientated, and practical and group work focused. There’s a lot of exams as well which I’m not used to! At times the language barrier could be challenging, but more often than not was fine. I was at a private university also, so there were some cultural differences with the local Spanish students. 

What did you gain from your experience abroad? 

I gained so much from studying abroad. I’ve gained close friends all over Europe, and the world! I’ve explored most of Spain, especially small parts that you wouldn’t really visit otherwise. I had a great political and economic journalism teacher, who worked for the EU and set up meetings and talks with companies, and people actively working in European Parliament which was extremely interesting and beneficial.  

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