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Ella’s Term in Vienna

Read Ella’s (BA Criminology) blog about her term abroad at the University of Vienna with helpful tips for other students wanting to study abroad at the end!

Vienna was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been too. Vienna has the most incredible architecture which was one of my favourite parts of the city. The pictures below demonstrate my regular walk home from university in the evening and buildings I’d walk past:












Some of highlights of my trip included: 

Christmas in Vienna: I was there for December/January time when it snowed, there was also beautiful Christmas markets which Vienna is known for. The markets had amazing food from all over the world and sold other items such as ornaments, gingerbread, candles and other Christmas decorations. The Christmas market was located at one of the most beautiful buildings in Vienna, Rathausplatz (a public plaza, 2 minutes’ walk from the university). 

The people I met while studying abroad: I made an incredible group of friends that I’m still in touch with that I hope will be friends for life. I’m planning a visit to go back to Vienna in  the summer to see some of them! You meet such a variety of people that come from across the world, this really gives you a chance to get to know different cultures and try new foods. Meeting friends really makes your experience abroad, there are also lots of events you can attend to meet people so best to do your research and look at for those! 

Discovering a new place by myself (and with friends): Being able to discover a new place by  yourself was defiantly one of my highlights. Although it can seem nerve-racking at first you will soon get uses to the new city/place quicker than you think. Doing this alone can really help to boost your confidence and make your more independent. You’ll quickly discover some of your favourite places and views be walking around and exploring the city. Some of my favourite places/views include Prater, an amusement park near my building and the view from my accommodation which looked over Vienna. 

My top challenges were mainly during the days leading up to going to Vienna. Moving abroad even just for a few months can be quite a daunting experience but once you push past these nerves, it becomes excitement. I think another challenge for me is that the university you’re attending abroad will most likely be different from Goldsmiths, the way exams take place, communication and the actual university itself. You may make mistakes or not understand something but it’s always best to email straight away or talk to someone if you are unsure about something or you don’t understand it.  

I gained many things from my time abroad, but I would say the main things are: 

Confidence: Studying abroad helped my confidence massively especially when it came to making new friends, talking to new people and discovering a new place alone.  

My studies: I gained the most from my studies while abroad; I got to learn new things I may have not learnt whilst at home. There were also many guest lecturers who gave many interesting lectures about their knowledge and experience.  


My tips for students wanting to go abroad for a term: 

  1. Don’t delay setting up things such as accommodation, flights, visas (the more you put it off the more stressful and costly it can get, its best to get it done ASAP!) 
  2. Research the place you’re going to (it’s good to know the kind of weather, the main language spoken and to get a basic understanding of the place you’ll be living) 
  3. Have confidence in yourself (it’s normal to be nervous but you’re going to have a really good time, it’s a great experience that can help you gain so many new skills and friends!) 
  4. Have fun!