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Meg in Norway (Part one)

Meg wrote about their term abroad at Kristiania University (Norway) as it was happening – read part one below.

I’m Meg! I’m a popular music student at Goldsmiths doing their undergrad and I have just finished my first semester of my second year, abroad in Norway! If you would’ve asked me when I started at Goldsmiths that soon I would be living in Oslo, I would’ve laughed, as it’s not something I had ever pictured myself doing. Upping, and moving my life across Europe? Sounds hella stressful, and don’t get me wrong, it definitely was when I was preparing, but that’s nothing compared to the six amazing months I spent here. I knew nothing about Norway or Oslo before I went, and now I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop in the city, drinking the best coffee, and writing about how much I love Oslo and don’t want to leave!







I’ve always enjoyed travelling, but never stayed long enough in one place to really experience the culture and lifestyle of the place/ country I was in. To be given the opportunity to not only study in another country, but to be funded to live there? Seemed way too good to be true, but it is true haha. My first week

here in Oslo was a mixture of exciting and scary. We had an introduction week, where we have the opportunity to meet all the other exchange students that were attending the host university! I met people from all over the world and little did I know some of the people I met on this day would become close friends that I will have for life (not to mention free accommodation all over the world lol). There were so many parties and opportunities to socialise! A couple of my favourites were the boat party in the Oslo fjords and the silent disco in the city centre!

The entire week was filled with so many opportunities to meet new people and
explore the city! Without taking part in this week, I would never have felt so familiar with the city! Not to mention the events were totally free and paid for by my host uni! Love u Kristiania! Moving on to more specific course experiences, if you’re on the popular music course at goldsmiths, you will absolutely adore it at Kristiania in Oslo! The studios, and just overall faculties and equipment they have at this university is INCREDIBLE! Not to mention the campus is open until midnight every day, so if you’re like me and inspiration strikes at night, and you want a band rehearsal or a studio/recording session, you can! The course content itself was super hands on, and focused on being creative, rather than the academia behind it all, so if you want to give your creative brain a workout, you would love it! My favourite thing about this course was the production, I learnt so many helpful production/ recording skills, that I was able to write, record, and produce my own ep here!