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Meg in Norway (Part two)

Meg wrote about their term abroad at Kristiania University (Norway) as it was happening – read part two below.

It’s super important to maintain a routine whilst living somewhere that is so unfamiliar. Steps I took to help with this was to find a regular place to visit that isn’t your flat! So, for me it was a coffee shop just down the road from where I lived. Having a base that isn’t where you live is super important as it can make you feel like you know the city more. It’s also super important to not isolate yourself from the locals. I learnt a few phrases in Norwegian like ordering a coffee, how to say hello, bye, and thank you! A lot of times it was a funny conversation starter as they knew I wasn’t Norwegian, and I made quite a few friends that way! I would also say try not to imagine yourself as an exchange student. Yes of course, do all the touristy places, but making friends with people that are native to the city will give you a much richer experience, and make you feel more at home!

Here are some photos of the coffee place I will miss dearly!! If you end up going abroad to Oslo, you’ve got to visit it, it’s called Papegøye in Tøyen! (formally called Neongrut).









To summarise, don’t pass up on an opportunity like this just because you’re scared, this was genuinely the best 6 months of my life. Not to say there weren’t challenges, there were many of course! Meeting new people, being in a new country that you know nothing about is so scary, but being forced out of your comfort zone is so worth it when you make memories that will last forever. Not only that but to have experience living in another part of the world, in another culture is absolutely invaluable! This is an absolutely incredible opportunity and I urge everyone who is considering to just take the plunge and do it!! I was so nervous, and this is not something I would’ve done a year ago, but I cannot recommend enough! Oh, and not to mention the absolutely beautiful winters they have here! So. Much. Snow. So cool to have a white Christmas!