Devin B. Terhune, PhD, Lab director

Devin's photograph

I am a Reader (Associate Professor) in the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths. Prior to coming to Goldsmiths in 2015, I was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford (2010-2015), where I worked with Prof. Roi Cohen Kadosh. Before that, I completed my PhD in 2010 with Prof. Etzel Cardeña in the Department of Psychology at Lund University in Lund, Sweden.
My research applies a range of methods to understand the characteristics and neurocognitive bases of time perception and verbal suggestion. I also have strong interests in the dissociative disorders, hallucinations, metacognition, and different facets of awareness. A considerable amount of my research is concerned with intra-individual variability and inter-individual heterogeneity in these phenomena. Alongside my research, I am an Associate Editor for Consciousness and Cognition and I co-lead the Science of Suggestion seminar series.

Renata Sadibolova, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher 


I am a postdoctoral researcher interested in neurophysiology of time perception and factors contributing to timing variability. My methods include psychophysics, EEG and human fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) developed for use during DBS in Ken Kishida‘s lab. My earlier work with Prof. Matthew Longo at Birkbeck, UoL focused on body representation and somatoperception.



Ondine ‘Cami’ Delaye, DPharm, PhD student                                                                                

After finishing my doctorate in Pharmacy at the University Paris Descartes (2016), I joined Goldsmiths to complete the MSc in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (2019). With the amazing supervision of Devin Terhune and Renata Sadibolova we were able to run a psychopharmacological study for my MSc project on the impact of nitrous oxide inhalation on time perception. This was a lot of fun and the genesis of my PhD plan. I am now a doctoral student investigating the neurophenomenology of nitrous oxide dissociation.



L. S. Merritt Millman, PhD student                                                                                            

I am a PhD candidate investigating bodily awareness, interoception, and embodied cognition in Depersonalisation-Derealisation Disorder (DDD) with Dr Guido Orgs and Dr Devin Terhune. With a mixed background in both dance and psychology, I am interested in developing standardized tasks that engage with the body and target specific symptoms within DDD as well as other psychiatric disorders where a lack of embodiment and dissociation are core features.




Naya Polychroni, PhD student                                                                                                 Naya's photograph

I am a PhD candidate researching neurophysiological bases of meta-awareness during mind wandering with Dr Devin Terhune and Dr Maria Herrojo-Ruiz. Aside from my interests in consciousness and metacognition, I am also interested in time perception and the sense of agency.




Madeline Stein, PhD student                                                                                                

I am a second-year doctoral student at Saybrook University in the Psychophysiology department. My research interests lie in the domain of sensory perception modulation and disruption including suggestibility, pathological dissociation, hypnosis, and placebo. I graduated with a master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University in 2019 and maintain a part-time clinical practice working with intellectually gifted youth in Denver, CO.




Lillian ‘Ruchi’ Wieder, Associate Lecturer   


I am an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths. I have been working under the supervision of Dr Devin Terhune since 2017, first as a BSc student, then as a research assistant, and more recently as an MSc student (Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience). To date, my research has investigated the factors that contribute to, and the links between, suggestibility and dissociative tendencies in the general population. I have also conducted two meta-analyses on suggestibility in the functional neurological disorders and dissociative and stress-related disorders. My MSc project concerned aberrant memory in dissociative amnesia.



Azelie Koffi, Graduate Research Assistant

I am an MSc student studying Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience. My particular interest is in the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances and what they can reveal about our conscious experience. I am intrigued by why people have preferences to certain substances, the variability of their effects, and uniqueness in their ability to alter perception. Other interests include anomalous experiences, the sense of agency, and performance enhancement.




Ella Abken, MSc student

After completing my bachelor’s degree in medical engineering, I started my master’s degree in computational cognitiveneuroscience at Goldsmiths University. Under the supervision of Devin, I am conducting a study on pain in relation to experience of time. I would like to use research results in pain perception and other global common symptoms to improve medical interventions in developing countries under their local conditions. 




Pearl Oputa, MSc student

I am a MSc Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience student, investigating the effects of a dissociative anaesthetic on metacognition of agency. I am currently under the supervision of Devin Terhune and working with the wonderful CamiDelaye. My previously research has looked at cued attentional shifts following touch induced flash illusions, and the corresponding oscillatory effects of tactile stimulation on visual event related potentials. 







Lab Alumni 

Jacopo BaroneGraduate Research Assistant (currently a PhD student at Cardiff University)
Sofia BergmanMSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology
Francis BoyceMSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience
Mariliza BozinakiMSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience
Anjelica Cashman, MSc Music, Mind and Brain
Jenny ChanMA, Research Intern (currently an RA in Hong Kong)
Kongway ChongMSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience
Tommaso CurròGraduate Research Assistant (currently a PhD student at City University)
Kate Dobson, Research Intern
Pablo Guillermo Vazquez Benitezvisiting PhD student
Henry HarringtonBSc Psychology
Sarah HashemianMSc Music, Mind and Brain
Rebecca HoltMSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience
Francesco Innocenti, BSc Psychology (currently a PhD student at University of Sussex)
Bianca Ivanof, PhD student
Nawa KamonaMSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience
Laura LunguResearch Intern (currently a DPhil student at University of Cambridge)
Luna MonaldiResearch Intern
Clare Murray-Lawson, Research Intern
Ryan ParsonsMSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience (currently a PhD student at the University of Bath)
Hannah SpencerMSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience
Isa SteineckerMSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience (currently a PhD student at Charite – University Medicine Berlin)
Ryan StewartBSc Psychology
Stella SunMSc Music, Mind and Brain
Helen VuBSc Psychology
Curtis WidmerBSc Psychology (currently an MSc student at UCL)
Rachel WoodhamMSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience (currently an RA at UEL)
Steliana YanakievaMSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience (currently a PhD student at Cardiff University)