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Meet the Faces Behind the Scenes!

Meet some of the individual team members, who together, make the Protect Project.  Team members of Fundacja Cooperacja Ewelina (left) is the vice president of the foundation, who in this project deals with the promotion and dissemination of the activities. Monika (right) is the president of the foundation, who also acts as the coordinator for…

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Goldsmiths University of London

Goldsmiths, University of London is a world leading research institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the arts, humanities, social sciences, business and computing. Goldsmiths has a history of community engagement and still engages with grassroots issues at the local level as well as engaging in teaching and research with a global reach. It’s…

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Beşiktaş Municipality

Beşiktaş Municipality, carefully strives to promote European values and increased awareness of different events since 2016, such as European Local Democracy Week, European Mobility Week, Erasmus Days, Europe Day, and United Nations Day. In addition, to take advantage of enormous and seminal resources, Beşiktaş Municipality encourages and inspires young people to engage in Erasmus+ projects.…

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Citizens In Power

Citizens In Power (CIP) is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organisation. CIP constitutes as one of the leading organisations in Cyprus in global education and social innovation. Humanity faces unprecedented social challenges. CIP has been striving to satisfy the needs of citizens without compromising the potential of future generations. Correspondingly, our values guarantee actions and promote…

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Fundacja Cooperacja

“Fundacja Cooperacja” (eng. Foundation Cooperation) was established to conduct activities aimed at education and socio-cultural integration at both a local and international level. Our young organisation consists of an experienced team of people who have worked for the non-governmental sector serving the local community for years; while additionally maintaining a professional connection with public administration. By…

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