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International CSE, UK

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“Child sexual exploitation, abuse and violence is a global emergency, which requires a concerted global response. Millions of children worldwide continue to be the victims of such crimes.” (United Nations, 2022) 

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is an ongoing and evolving crisis internationally. Under the UNCRC, every child has the right to not experience sexual exploitation or abuse. International organisations dedicated to ending CSE seek to address both crimes as they occur and ensure preventative measures are taken to prevent CSE entirely.

Across Europe there is a recognition of the need to develop ways of protecting young people from CSE. Europol identifies CSE is evolving as technology develops, particularly online. CSE rates coincide with international and national emergencies, such as economic crises, food scarcity, conflict and poverty.

The Protect Project sought to provide youth workers and practitioners working with children and young people across Europe, with the tools and resources needed to recognise and address child sexual exploitation. Youth workers, in particular, are well-positioned to identify CSE and take the necessary community-based and holistic approach to interventions for the wider contributory risk factors for CSE. As well as CSE, the Protect Project explored other overlapping and intersecting issues of child protection, abuse and exploitation.

The trans-national approach of the project enabled the development of a toolkit to supports youth workers in their approach to CSE within their national and local contexts. This additionally sought to bridge the international gap in youth work training on CSE; ensuring consistent collective awareness and action to address this global problem.

International resources are available via the following organisations:

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