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Pistes-Solidaires is a Training and Non-Formal Education Association;  supporting the empowerment of young people and youth workers.

If one of the main axes of the work of Pistes-Solidaires is around educational mobility in Europe, the training and capacity building of youth workers is another. For several years now, our work has been aimed at better training and supporting youth workers to provide answers and solutions to young people in the face of the violence they are confronted with.

Our motivation and ambition is to raise awareness on subjects such as bullying and hate speech; while also training youth workers to better tackle and work on such issues, which are often rarely, and often belatedly, dealt with.

The Protect Project is characterised by acting, raising awareness, training and ultimately protecting young victims of sexual violence. Thanks to the Protect Project and the European partnership of the project, we will cross our experiences and strengthen the capacity of all to act against sexual violence.

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