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Protect Training: Community Youth & Exclusion

credit: Rahul Pandit. photograph capturing travel, notebook, glasses, coffee and a map, all laid out on a table

Our first training event for the Protect Project will take place 7-11 June 2021 and is hosted by our partners in Cyprus and Poland.

The event will be held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with local groups meeting in some of the partner countries and working remotely in others.

Participants who attend the training will assist the development of the project’s Protect Toolkit, a transnational toolkit for youth workers providing information and resources relating to child sexual exploitation and related and overlapping issues that young people face. The toolkit will be co-created with youth workers through our three training events.

The first event will be coordinated by C.I.P. Citizens In Power (Cyprus) and supported by Fundacja Cooperacja (Poland). The partners from Cyprus and Poland will cover the following topics in the activities of the event:

i. Exclusion
ii. Violence
iii. Community Cohesion
iv. Territorial conflicts between YP
v. Drug use
vi. Natural highs
vii. Anti-Social Behaviour

C.I.P. Citizens In Power and Fundacja Cooperacja have already started working on the delivery of the agenda of the training event, and they have already created a preliminary structure of the event that includes all the activities that the participants will attend. The training event will be in English.

Each training event will be composed of minimum of 25 participants from 5 different countries; Cyprus, France, Poland, Turkey and the UK; 5 participants each minimum. The participants in this event must be youth workers or other practitioners working with young people, and they will be selected after they demonstrate how they utilise the knowledge required as part of the training. Young leaders (aged 30 and under) will be prioritised for places at the training events.

During the training event, the host partner (CIP) and the contributing partner (FC) will deliver relevant content through informative talks, facilitate activities and resource development, and hold reflection sessions. Participants will invited to help evaluate the training event and additionally, to be involved in some follow-up activity to examine the project’s value, learning results, and impact on their training and youth provision.

Through this event, we will both deliver new informative learning sessions about young people and child sexual exploitation and involve participants in developing relevant resources for their contexts that will become part of the Protect project’s Toolkit. The event’s purpose is to develop innovative ways to support young people with current social problems, and to develop new training material that can be used by youth workers across different countries and contexts.

If you are working with young people in Cyprus, Poland, Turkey, France or the UK and would like to take part, please contact us via the information on our contact page so we can direct you to your local contact but please be aware that spaces are very limited and we won’t be able to offer a place to everyone who applies.