KT Catalysts

KT Catalysts project ‘Building capacity in the restorative justice sector to support more equitable access for speakers of English as an additional language: Sharing, integrating and adapting cultural translation research to meet the needs of restorative justice providers and trainers’ is an exciting new collaboration between Goldsmiths and Why me?, a restorative justice (RJ) charity which supports victims of crime to meet with offenders through ‘conferences’ managed carefully by trained facilitators. As a pathway towards knowledge transfer between the RJ sector and Goldsmiths, the collaboration aims to create the conditions for more equitable access to RJ for speakers of English as an additional language (EAL), through the application of cultural translation and RJ research at Goldsmiths in ways that not only equip RJ facilitators with the cultural translation competencies necessary to deliver conferences that meet the linguistic and cultural needs of EAL participants but also build the capacity of RJ providers like Why me? to design, deliver and certify RJ-specific training for qualified interpreters.

Translation, practice research and neuroscience

Connecting colleagues at Goldsmiths and Queen’s University Belfast, this project builds on the one-day practice research symposium held at Goldsmiths on 10 May 2023 (‘Translation and Creative Practice: An in-person symposium on building capacity for practice research’, and takes as its starting point the underexplored area of translation as a practice research methodology for understanding and explaining neuroscience. The project will enhance the incipient connections between practice research, translation and neuroscience that emerged as a result of the symposium, by creating the conditions to further explore translation and neuroscience through a uniquely practice research lens and with specifically practice research outcomes in terms of methodology and outputs.