Assemble Record Proliferate



Assemble Record Proliferate
2017-18 Spatial Biopolitics Group Presentation & Radio Launch Party

Tuesday 22 May, 2-4pm
Lewisham Arthouse (TBC)

Join us for a talk and discussion about convivial research and its sonic distributions as part of this year’s Spatial Biopolitics group project.

Our research centres on the question: How can a collective of students engaging in collaborative research constitute a space of study that is attentive to the specific political and economic conditions it finds itself operating from within?

In response to this, the group has produced a radio podcast that seeks to address notions of collective authorship, counter-institutional learning, proliferation in the virtual and the sonic as a tool of infrapolitical resistance.

The project emerged out of the strike by university staff across the UK in March, and is understood as an echo of the spatial, economic and political debates kindled by these conditions. But rather than being the focus of our research, these conditions have been understood to have set the parameters and dictated the urgencies underpinning this project. The result is a sonic experiment that attempts to work from within these parameters, seeking to formulate modes of resistance by assembling, recording and proliferating our collective research.

The event is free. All are welcome!

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