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This is a space for you to share your thoughts and responses to the exhibition and project as a whole.

Perhaps an object in the Caribbean Front Room installation triggered a memory or you recognise a person or place from the Landing Cards?

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  1. What a fantastic installation the Windrush Exhibition is. It is without doubt an authentic representation of a period that was pivotal to the lives of our people who settled in the UK from the Caribbean during those specific years. The organizers have done an amazing job.

    The ‘Caribbean Front Room’ on display at the Theatre had me held to the spot. Fond memories were evoked as I was transported back in time to the front room of my own family circa 1971; the Pineapple ice holder, the glass fish and even the Jim Reeves album, (we had that exact one which we used to play on Friday evenings, mainly), on….the radiogram!! I asked myself, how is it that our folk all seemed to have the same idea on how their front rooms should look? A testament to our sense of oneness perhaps.

    We still have our radiogram to this day, which my Dad purchased in Deptford way back in 1964.

    Much appreciation for the great work being done in connection with the Windrush history.

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