WAL/Feminist Review Art in the Archive Bursary: Previous award projects

Samples from the series of zines made by Hannah Kemp-Welch documenting Voicing the Archives

When the Women’s Art Library (WAL) collection was gifted to Goldsmiths in 2004 its development was overseen by an advisory board made up of staff from different departments in Goldsmiths involved with teaching, setting up research centres in the college and outreach. The board is set up to include library professionals either based in Goldsmiths or elsewhere, at least one curator from an arts organization and at least one artist, though many staff are also practicing artists. At the instigation of Nirmal Puwar, the WAL teamed up with Feminist Review who have generously provided match funding to set up the Art in the Archive Bursary which puts out a call for projects based on a theme around every two years. The aim is to support artistic research based in the WAL collection with funds, a collaboration with an arts venue for a knowledge-sharing event, and the opportunity to submit a written piece for publication in Feminist Review. Due to the quality of submissions, the Bursary was extended to include a short list of awards of small seed funds to support the development of ideas. On numerous occasions the WAL supported successful applications to arts funders to realize the final outcomes of the bursary on a scale determined by the artist/researcher. These are briefly described below.

2020 – Art in the Archive Bursary: Glitching the Archive

Awardee: Hannah Kemp-Welch

Project: ‘Voicing the Archive’

Whilst the Women’s Art Library was closed due to the restrictions of the pandemic, artist Hannah Kemp-Welch collaborated with WAL’s curator Dr Althea Greenan to collate packs of photocopied materials relating to artists whose work is represented in the archive. These packs were disseminated via community organisations local to the Women’s Art Library, with an invitation to explore and discuss the packs together.

The project culminated in recorded conversations on park benches, community centres and over the phone. Each participant selected an artist and responded to their work. These recordings were edited into an audio essay or collage, first broadcast on Resonance FM, 12th October 2021.


Shortlist Awardees

The Agency of Visible Womxn – ‘Voicing Syncopation’

Dr. Alice Correia – South Asian Artists Glitching the Archive,’ https://sites.gold.ac.uk/animatingarchives/consistently-present-alice-correia-on-south-asian-women-artists/

Lauren Craig – ‘Rendering Experience’

Kiah Endelman Music – ‘EIDIT’

Holly Isard – ‘But who is glitching the archive? Archive-workers in the Women’s Art Library’

Shama Khanna – ‘Working and surviving through Flatness, ‘Interview with Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley by Flatness, Feminist Review, April 2021, https://research.gold.ac.uk/id/eprint/30768/

2018 Art in the Archive: Thriving through everyday acts of resistance

Awardee: WOCI Reading Group (Samia Malik, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Rehana Zeman)

This award was given to support the activities of the Women of Colour Index Reading Group, that began at Goldsmiths in 2016. See https://wocireadinggroup.wordpress.com/

Shortlist Awardees

Ebony Francis towards the development of her practice-based PhD proposal looking at the subject of the black female body in art.

Katie Simpson curating the work of Georgia Lucas-Going at Jupiter Woods. Missing Everything 30 August – 22 September 2019. https://jupiterwoods.com/exhibition/georgia-lucas-going-misses-everything

The collaborative curatorial group Kathy Cho, Loren Elhili, Teal Baskerville who work as part of the group Present Futures produced a display of material from the WOCI in collaboration with the artist Rebecca Bellantoni, who is searching for evidence of women dub artists. https://www.gold.ac.uk/calendar/?id=12725 The exhibition was extended and reinstalled in the Buchi Emecheta Space to launch the space on 23 Oct 2019.

Shanzhai Lyric, FREEDON (and on and on), an exhibition and webpage: https://www.gold.ac.uk/make/events/shanzhai-lyric/ in the Womens Art Library/Special Collections space, Goldsmiths, September 14 – October 11, 2019

2015 – Art in the Archive: Kill The Archivist!

Awardees: Brenda Guesnet and Kiona Hagen Niehaus

Project: The two-day Cybernetic Resistance event at The Showroom ran from 11-12 November 2016 and comprised performances, talks and digital artworks.

archive boxes with label
The Cybernetic Resistance kit for setting up a cyber cafe with archive box of unfiled photographs in the Women’s Art Library collection

Publication:   “open space: articulating and defending our vulnerabilities: interrogations of the feminist archive” Feminist Review 120 (2018) https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1057/s41305-018-0128-5

2013 – Art in the Archive

Awardee: Holly Pester

Go to reception and ask for Sara in red felt tip (launched 24 April 2015) publication of fictional writing by Holly Pester produced by Bookworks


“Archive fan fiction: experimental archive research methodologies and feminist epistemological tactics” Feminist Review 115 (2007)


Ask for Sara: A Day of Gossip, Anecdote and Feminist Art Practice in Archives conference organized with Bookworks at Goldsmiths, Deptford Town Hall (24 April 2015)

book cover of publication of writings resulting from Holly Pester's research
Cover of Holly Pester, go to reception and ask for Sara in red felt tip pen, 2015

Performance: Modes of Aberrant Research, an evening of deviant anecdotes, radical storytelling and narrative segues through archives, collections and institutions. Including work in the Women’s Art Library, it also featured performances and readings from Patrick Coyle, SJ Fowler and Kristen Kreider.

2011 – Art in the Archive

Clare Gasson, The River, 2011, performance at South London Gallery

Awardee: Claire Gasson

Project: The River, a performance at the South London Gallery, consisting of a multi-layered text piece sung by eight musicians and vocalists (Wed 30 November 2011, 7 pm). Alongside this performance, there was an exhibition at the Women’s Art Library/Make Goldsmiths College Library Special Collections 28 November 2011 –16 January 2012. For her exhibition at Women’s Art Library Gasson has made a series of posters and sculptures.

The posters employ the rough cut-and-paste feel of the original Women’s Art Library newsletters. The sculptures, entitled The Performers (2008 -ongoing), a series started in 2008, embody the energy around performing manifestos –the passion that exudes from that point where a manifesto is the only way forward to change the status quo. This event is supported by Arts Council England and the Elephant Trust.

singers in dark space
The River performed in the Clore Studio at South London Gallery November 30 2011

2009 – Art in the Archive

Awardee: Oriana Fox

Project: Once More With Feeling: Performing the WAL/Make archive

Day long series of performances outside Tate Modern and in the East Room 27th June 2009

two performers
This Demo from Oriana Fox’s day of performances Once More With Feeling, 27 June 2009

Publication: The Moon, produced by Oriana Fox with Charlotte Troy, Southbank Press.

Oriana Fox’s contribution to FR Journal in Open Space