Anne McCloy


Instagram: @annemmccloy



Anne McCloy currently examines narratives around the personal and collective experience of irish womanhood in the context of the political, the social and the mythic, and considers creative outputs as universal tools of resistance, revolution and transformation. The artist is interested in the capability of art to invent new meanings and solutions for ubiquitous problems through a ritualistic juxtapositioning of the archaic, the historical and the contemporary to allow the audience to access new and useful outcomes. Anne McCloy utilises a multi disciplinary practice including spoken word, film, painting and performance to examine her concerns. In the work ‘Mobilise The Poets’, McCloy transmutes Clive Limpkin’s iconic photo of Bernadette Devlin in the Battle of the Bogside, Derry, 1969, imbuing the image and Bernadette with a new and vital shamanic energy while she herself speaks to the power of word. Saoirse68 (La Beauté est dans la Rue ) commemorates the start of the Civil Rights movement in the North of Ireland and references graphics associated with the Situationists International and May 68, France. 

A black and white image of someone throwing a brick.
Mobilise The Poets (Detail), Spoken Word Audio-Visual, duration 50s, 2022

An oil painting featuring Saoirse68 (My Dark Rosaleen) mural from Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London.
Saoirse68 (La Beauté est dans la rue), Oil on Canvas 165 x 235cm, 2023