Eldar Krainer

Email: eldar.krainer@gmail.com

Website: https://www.eldar-krainer.com/

Instagram: @e.l.k.r

An image of balloon-shaped handwriting, 3d printed in white plastic, that reads “Felt cute might delete later”. It is attached by aluminium rods to a concrete plinth covered with debossed hearts.
Your screen time was up 6% last week, for an average of 3 hours, 48 minutes a day (Felt cute might delete later), PLA, spray paint, aluminium rods, concrete, 170 x 25 x 25cm, 2022

Two piles of pillows stacked one on top of the other and pierced by steel rods between two parts of 3d printed heart shape covered with pink and green star-shaped stickers that read NO! and YES! respectively.
Sleepover, Used pillows, PLA, vinyl stickers, enamel paint, steel rods, and hex nuts, 85 x 100 x 100cm, 2022

Black ABS pipe connected to the wall with two yellow 3d printed fittings. Between the wall to the pipe, there is stacked rubbish; plastic takeaway cups, newspapers and beer cans.
Reality Check, PLA, ABS pipe, enamel paint, coffee and bubble tea cups, newspapers, plastic bottle, beer cans, disposable cutlery, napkins, and shopping bags 165 x 130 x 12 cm, 2022.