Moina Walker


Instagram: @moinamoin_, @mermaidchunky


  • a collage of ceramic wobbly sculptures clustered on a flat bed of bung beans - birds' eye view.
  • a collage of wobbly ceramic fountain sculptures stuck on top of a drawing of lots of repeated cartoon-like sitting cats in vertical formal lines.
  • a pink and red watercolour of the front half of a large lying down cat with its back disappearing off the page.
  • a layered black and cream collage of a repeated ink line drawing of a wobbly fountain-like music contraption.
  • An installation of three soft large bobbly felt pillars carrying spiky ceramic sculptures. Behind hangs a velvet wall hanging showing a blue and orange digital created with ink drawings and scans of feathers.
  • a photograph of the artist in the dark lit by blue lights dressed in a deep sea squid costume made of velvet and reflective coral and silver fabric.

Hello, Film, 2023

Dog, Film, 2023