Noor Nematt


Instagram: @nnematt_

A painting of two pink cakes against an orange background.
“I miss you”, Oil and Collage on Canvas, 2022.

Oil paint resembling icing, its creamy texture is so appetizing. Topped with glitter, like sprinkles on a cupcake. The floating fruit in disproportionate sizes adds a visually interesting component to the canvas, making it ‘Sickly Sweet’.

A painting of a woman applying lip-gloss in a mirror.
Sahar, Oil on Canvas, 2022.

A woman gazing at herself in the mirror. Applying lip-gloss, she is in love with what she sees.

A painting of a person touching a birthday cake against a pink background.
One slice was never enough, Acrylic on Wood, 2019.

Overindulgence. Binging and never satisfied. 

Artwork will be exhibited on the 5th floor (first wall on the left)