Rebecca Stenfors


Instagram: @rebeccastenfors


An image of a silhouette sitting on a box in front of a two-channel video showing two snowy, outdoor scenes.
Sandcastle, performance, 15 minutes, 2023





To paraphrase a story I was once told,

a long time ago, there was a king

who came to this part of the land

wanting to build a city.

The area he’d chosen to build his city

was a swampland,

it was located below sea level.

And so, he was told, in order to build on the land,

he would first have to make it level.

Not too far from this prospective city

there was a forest

full of oak trees,

which bordered the coastline.

The king ordered for these trees to be cut down

and for the wood to be used to build a foundation.

It was to be a city on stilts.

The city was built and time passed.

Gradually, however, sand from the coastline

(no longer bordered by the forest)

began to creep inland.

This worried the farmers

whose concern was that the sand would soon encroach on their fields.

A decision was then made to build an artificial forest.

Thousands of pine trees were planted,

covering the last traces of the oak forest,

reinstating the border with the beach.

These days, the forest still stands

but amongst the trees,

one can still find patches of sand.

The dunes

not totally eradicated


still shifting.

[Transcript of one iteration of the story as performed on 17/02/2023]

John Blund (or, The Sandman), three-channel video with sound, 9 minutes 47 seconds, 2022