Riley Richards


Instagram: @rileybeaurichards

A square wooden frame framing a piece of transit blanket within another piece of fabric.
Untitled, Handmade walnut frame, digitally printed fabric, transit blanket, 2023

A detail of various materials inside the opening a container cutting diagonally across the picture.
Untitled (Detail), Fibreglass, parcels, tarpaulin, tray, transit blanket, dust sheet, wooden box, books, typewriter, leather boots, pot, mug, bowl, jeans, trousers, wires, various fixtures, 2023

Two floor based assemblages on the floor both with large stacks of toys in the centre.
Please Don’t Go, Cardboard, packing tape, rug, foam, sponge, plastic sheet, knitted tie, packing material, 467 Shopkins, printed transit blanket photo on blanket, 2023