Seb Bradshaw


Instagram: @artbyseb138

8 large black charcoal drawings around the walls of a room with a hanging in the centre.
Pantheon, charcoal on paper and digital print on organza, 2023

a dark blue digital knit stretched on the wall depicting clouds and a table of data.
Drone Cruise, acrylic digital knit, 2023

My practice explores human occupation and entangled relations with land, with particular reference to the Scottish Outer Hebrides, where my father works on a military rocket testing range. I draw from many visual cues, most notably from standing stones and stone circles. In prehistoric times, they were taken from the earth and placed with labour and intent, often aligning with the stars, and creating a point of spiritual and ancient-scientific contact between land and human that has endured into our present. I also use imagery of self – manufactured data, speculatively created based on interviews with my father about his work, and aerial mapping. I am fascinated by the way sites of apparent wilderness are inhabited by humanity, such as the way the MoD tracks projectiles from the evacuated Atlantic archipelago of St Kilda. No site is untouched, by the old gods or the new.