Instagram: @sophieedwardsart


  • An art installation, containing plastic construction fencing, a projection of a queue of cars, a sculpture of insulation foam on pink painted wood and silver foil dots. Plastic sheeting is on the floor.
  • A detail shot of the installation. A sculpture of play-pit balls vertically placed on top of each-other, like a vertically positioned snake. There is a large shadow behind it and the lighting is pink.
  • A detail shot of the installation. Insulation foam with a pink surface beneath it. Silver dots placed around the insulation foam. The insulation foam has silver on it. Both textures glow from lighting.
  • This image shows a corner of the pink painted wooden surface. Blu-tack sperm like shapes gather around its corner. On these shapes are printed out pictures of a women’s face with different facial expressions.
  • This image is a close-up of the small sperm-shaped blutack on fishing wire with a women’s face printed out on a piece of paper stuck onto one end of it. The background has play-pit balls.
  • A QR code in the middle. Above it ‘RUSH HOUR’ is in bubble writing. A cyclical blutack photograph on each of its side. A women’s smiling face is stuck at the end of each one.

 Rush Hour (Variation Two), Video, 2023. 

Blu tack can dance – Evidence, Video, 2023