Zicheng Wang

Email: louis869887850@gmail.com

Instagram: @zicheng.wang.98031

An oil painting of a soldier and a hostage.
The Skater, Oil on Canvas, 2021.

A sense of tragedy, full of an unavoidable catastrophe, eternal imminent death stays at this moment, suffering is abstract and the expression of pain will sublimate it into a universal human emotion.

An oil painting of a man about to stab a tiger in a fire.
Study with tiger and human, Oil on Canvas, 2022.

The destructive cry of the conflict between humanity and beast within the human heart, a dangerous situation, a heroic sacrifice shrouded in a divine halo.

An oil painting of a dying man being pup petted by a skeleton.
30,000 Nights, Oil on Canvas, 2022.

He’s been thinking about the length of his life, he’s up to “2.5 billion seconds” or “30,000 nights” in total.