Goldfish is an exposition of creative work produced by the diverse range of voices on the MA programme. It is an opportunity to discover new writers experimenting and challenging themselves across poetry, short stories, life writing and the novel.

This year’s anthology delves into the emotional entanglements of girlhood, marriage, modern connection and grief. Follow the great whales on their annual migration from Baja to the Arctic. Travel back to the siege of Sarajevo. See the inner worlds of those whose stories have yet to be told. We hope you enjoy it.

We also hope that you’ll join the MA students at the official launch event for Goldfish 2019 at Goldsmiths University for drinks and readings from a selection of this year’s students.

Goldfish Launch Event:

6.30pm Tuesday 26th March 2019
Goldsmiths University

Professor Stuart Hall Building Room LG01

                                                                                                                 Free Entry

For any other information about the event please email goldfishmail2019 (

Photo by zhengtao tang on Unsplash