Graduate News: Jordan Akisanya

The Goldsmiths Confucius Institute and the Department of Politics and International Relations would like to congratulate Jordan Akisanya (BA International Studies and Chinese, 2018) for his new role as Chinese Research Analyst in the Corporate Intelligence Division at KPMG. Jordan said, “I’m very grateful for the opportunities this degree provided me throughout my studies; they were invaluable”.

This is a unique 4-year joint degree between the Department of Politics and International Relations and the Confucius Institute that explores the key concepts, policies, practices and institutions of the discipline of International Relations combined with the study of the Chinese language, complemented by a year of study abroad in China.

Professor Michael Dutton, the programme convener, has said that Jordan’s employment opportunity is the perfect job for a recent graduate from this programme. The programme Jordan completed teaches the philosophical, conceptual and linguistic tools that once joined together, enables a student to focus on China with a solid grounding in International Relations. It is designed to give students of International Relations who want to focus on China an unbeatable advantage, especially if they seek careers in diplomacy or international business. Students study Mandarin throughout their studies alongside their politics courses. Students in their 3rd year study at Capital Normal University in Beijing, China, studying Chinese language intensively alongside students from all over the world.

The Confucius Institute’s Mandarin Convener, Wei Jin, said, “Jordan was always very enthusiastic about studying Chinese language and culture. He was very committed to his Chinese studies. He always attended his classes on time, listened carefully, asked inspiring questions and actively participated in learning activities.”

Both the Confucius Institute and the Department of International Relations are very excited for Jordan and this opportunity he has been given. We are looking forward to hearing of more students receiving similar opportunities as the programme grows.