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Showing Up Authentically

 21 July

Reflections Day 9 

What a morning, with Bayo Adelaja, the founder of Do It Now Now. She spoke of her journey into entrepreneurship and how she found herself building her skills and values to form a social enterprise, from a young age. Bayo generously shared her experience and vision for Do It Now Now and discussed how she’s using systems and processes throughout the organisation that challenge society’s status quo. She likened the structure as a tapestry made up of inter-connecting circles, that works holistically together, rather than being a construct of separate entities and by using a user-focused model she is able not just to inspire but to create deep and lasting impact at the same time. She also generously opened up and spoke of vulnerable aspects of herself- awakening to the fact that she didn’t always get it right in the beginning, but through tested innovation and building an incredible team with similar values, the work she and her counterparts are doing is industry changing.

In the afternoon Jordan Pharoah spoke to us about his company ENDO, and the passion he and his company have around unifying the music scenes across the globe. Focusing on the US and the UK, to build career bridges for global artists in Black communities. Jordan spoke of the process that is built with artists at ENDO. At the core of everything is relationship. Jordan takes the time to learn the about each artist, getting to know their upbringing, their history, their geography and influences, in order to better understand and build these artists careers. Endo focuses specifically on emerging artists, creating a platform for those who have not had previous access into the music industry. ENDO also spends time focusing on Social Impact and creating work that builds conversations around social justice and equity. Jordan’s work is open and vulnerable. He uses music as a way to open conversation of and record histories that explore personal experiences of racism. In a poignant and touching moment he played some of his work that was created over the pandemic, and during that time he interviewed family members and the relationship they have to being black. Proving the power of art to educate, engage and  move to action and  change.   

After explaining and walking us through his theory of practice and building his company, we were privileged to access some never before seen footage and tracks. Jordan also spoke of upcoming events showcasing the work of some of the artists ENDO has programmed including M.U.L.A Jammy K, Charlene, Isee and Brudda Nay.

As a special treat, we were privileged to have Jordan return to air at 4pm later that afternoon to present a one hour long DJ set of ENDO artists recordings and remixes. A truly special set with so much energy and originality. The DJ set was recorded and we hope will be made available to tune into on our web pages in the near future.


Dr. Harriet Harris

In the morning we have Professor Harriet Harriss (RIBA, PFHEA, Ph.D., FRSA). She  is an award-winning educator, qualified architect, and the Dean of the Pratt School of Architecture in Brooklyn, New York. Her teaching, research, and writing focus upon pioneering pedagogic models for design education and exploring the intersectional edge of social justice and the climate crisis theories and practices, themes that emerged from two of her highly-regarded texts, Radical Pedagogies: Architectural Education & the British Tradition (2015) and A Gendered Profession (2016).   

Dean Harriss’ advocacy for diversity and inclusion within design education was further recognized by Dezeen Magazine, who identified Dean Harriss as  one of the Top Ten Champions for Women in Architecture and Design in  2019. Her 2020 publication, Architects After Architecture won the Annual Bates Prize for Architectural Media. Her forthcoming 2022 books include, Greta  Magnusson Grossman – Modern Design from Sweden to California (Lund Humphries) 100 Women Architects  (RIBA publications), Architectural  Pedagogies of the Global South (Routledge  Companion Series 2022), and Working  at the Intersection: The Architecture of the Post-Anthropocene (RIBA 2022). Combined, these texts extrapolate upon her growing expertise in archival activism, climate crisis curriculum and diversity, equity and inclusion.  

In the afternoon we have Ana Garantino.

Ana Garanito

Ana joined Green Door Pictures in 2016 to feed the pipeline of Scripted content across TV & Film and ensure the company’s creative ethos of diversity of thought, opportunity, inclusion and representation.  Her work for GDP includes ‘IN THE LONG RUN’ (Sky), ‘TURN UP CHARLIE’ (Netflix), ‘TREE’ a theatre co-production with the Young Vic & Manchester International Festival and feature film ‘CONCRETE COWBOY’ (Netflix).  


Prior to this she worked at The Script Factory, Runaway Fridge and FremantleMedia where she was Director of Scripted Programming of Global Content working with award winning producers, writers and directors across the UK, Continental Europe, Australia/NZ and North America, responsible for shows including MERLIN (BBC), HIT & MISS (Sky) and THE IT CROWD (C4).  


She will be speaking about the barriers to inclusion in the media sector.

As always, tickets are free to access and can be reserved via the links below: 


Friday 22 July  

11am: Spatial Pedagogies for Non-Binary Ecologies with Professor Harriet Harriss  

2pm: Shaping the Purpose and Mission: Stories from Females in the Media Industry and Green Door with Ana Garanito  



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