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Capacity to Innovate and Structures to facilitate

A change in pace this week to look at, as Professor Vanus James said “the knowledge, skills and  self-confidence” to innovate. Josh Shuermann opened the day giving insight in to the ways that Intellectual Property can support creatives to develop sustainable enterprises, and the ways to protect, exploit and  sustain creative livings.


Vanus explained the modelling and  mapping he had undertaken, funded by WIPO to look at how the creative industries could develop the Caribbean economies. He outlined the investment in education – at all levels – as well support with export and  distribution mechanisms. The strong work in music as well as video games and  many other areas of the creative industries are clear in the Caribbean countries, and  Professor James showed what policy interventions would be needed to enable the potential to be realised.  We were also left aware of the negative impact of the colonial past in the country, and  Vanus suggested that for the countries to move forward all citizens needed to be brought into the process, to ensure firm foundations for the creative industries.


Tomorrow we hear from Dr Sylvia Lahav on Winners, Losers and  Choosers: the Modern Museum, followed by insights in to the IP and  Traditional Knowledge from Dr Sharon LeGall – in particular the steeldrum and  carnival.

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