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Opening | Fri, 8th June, 6 – 9pm
Exhibition | Sat, 9th June, 12 – 9 pm / Sun, 10th June, 12 – 7pm

@ Safehouse 1, 139 Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN

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Please join us next Friday for the opening of “Make It Hot. Cool It Down. Turn It Over.“, a three-day exhibition and event programme, inviting hybrid practices, porous bodies, dirty materials and messy questions to come together. For this collective venture we ask, what happens to an exhibition process when channelled through and practiced as ‘compost’? We are turning to the subterranean living world as it helps us to think about the process of coming together and engaging in a ‘hot’ conversation.

We are struck by the fact that compost is as much about com-position, ‘putting together’, as it is about de-composition, and thus ‘taking apart’: there might be loose contact or engaged dissent, tender touch or hostile rejection. And certainly, questions permeate the pile only to be multiplied: What are the conceptual limitations of working with this organic figure of compost and how is it re-worked when pushed and pulled in different directions, when brought in contact with synthetics, manufactured or inert material? What are the overarching implications when waste is turned into value? Who is part of the pile and who is not?

Curated by TopSoil, a curatorial and research collective formed by Deniz Kirkali, Sofia Villena and Amelie Wedel.

“Make It Hot. Cool It Down. Turn It Over” includes an exhibition, a soundscape and listening space, a cooking station & collective meal, a reading group and a film screening programme.

The exhibition will include works by Daniel V. Keller, Miriam Naeh, Daisy Parris, Alecs Pierce and Rafal Zajko.

A soundscape and listening space will be curated by Andrea Popelka. With contributions by Lamin Fofana, Human Interference Task Force (Anna Mikkola and Matilda Tjäder), Malte Kobel and Mark Peter Wright, Kajsa Lindgren, Christopher Schmidt and Stefanie Schwarzwimmer.

The cooking station will be taken over by Super Mercato Canaletto (Serra Tansel), with a pickeling workshop with Emily Sarsam, a collective meal, and music by ‘Makkam’.

The film screening programme, ‘(Re)presenting Communal Space’ will be curated by members of Lunchbox Film Club (Dylan Edwards, Kerrin Hille, Rachel Wilson), bringing together film works by Alex Culshaw, Patrick Goddard and Gail Pickering.

“A” reader’s digest facilitated by Kilian O’Dwyer is a textual analysis meet-up, inviting the participant to listen, collage, write or malleably create in response to specifically collaged texts of various writings. All materials will be provided.


6 | Opening
6-7.30 | Soundscape and listening space
7.30-9 | Zoë Annesley & Alecs Pierce – Beneath A Tent, a Performance for Strings & Voice


3-7 | Super Mercato Canaletto and music by Makkam
3 | Pickeling Workshop with Emily Sarsam
5 | Communal meal
6.30 | Soundscape and listening space


12 | Soundscape and listening space
1-2 | Reader’s Digest
4-7 | Film screening programme ‘(Re)presenting Communal Space’

*Please bring cash for donating for food and drinks. Donations will be passed on to food banks.

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